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Daniel D.

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  • Birthday 1998-01-17

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    Skivai be bratche#6969
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    Pc hardware


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    Intel® Core™ i5-9600K
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    TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 16GB (2x8GB)
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    GIGABYTE R9 290 WindForce 3X OC
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    ooler Master MasterBox MB530P
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    Seagate BarraCuda - 1TB
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    CoolerMaster MasterWatt Lite 700W
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    Acer KG271Cbmidpx 144hz 27'' ; LG TV 42''
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    CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB
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    Razer Mamba TE
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    Logitech G332 ; Roccat Cross
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. It might be the jack on the headset.I tried if they work on a laptop and on 2 phones with both cables.
  2. Today I placed the headset on the desk and went to the other room.It worked fine.When I got back only the left headphone was working.It's not because of the cable for sure.I have 2 cables that can swap, one of them is for a pc (the mic doesn't even work), and another cable for a phone. I've tested it on both devices and it doesn't work. I tried to balance then from the sound control panel on Windows 10, still doesn't work. I have no idea why this happened and can someone help me?I don't want to buy another headset... This is the headset: https://en.roccat.org/Headsets/Cross
  3. Thanks, but I feel like it's gonna be easier just to buy an ssd.
  4. I'm planning to get the adata sx8200 nvme one because I have 2 slots on my mobo!
  5. It's still lagging even without the peripherals.I mean in games. When I'm using it for something else it's still very slow and programs crash sometimes.It's just very slow when I open or close programs or games.Also there is something called ''Antimalware Service Executable'' in the task manager that is always using the hdd and some other random processes that are using it...
  6. One of them Is at least 2 years old 300 GB(where windows is intalled).The other one is 1TB from my old laptop and it's even older.
  7. Hey, 2 years ago I bought a pc and a year after I upgraded everything except the 2 hard drives.The old one was lagging and this one too.Is there something wrong with the hard drives?I preinstalled windows several times.I thought it was because of the graphics card, but I changed it, and it's still lagging on almost every game and program. Almost every minute for 2-5 secs. It takes at least 5 minutes for the pc to start up. Should I buy an ssd for this lagging/freezing to stop? PC SPECS: Mobo: ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING CPU: Intel Core i5-9600K GPU: Gigabyte R9 290 RAM: 16GB (2x8) DDR4 3000MHz Team T-Force Delta PSU: CoolerMaster MasterWatt Lite 700W
  8. Asus Rog Strix Z390-F Gaming doesn't support it right?And I need a gen 3 ssd?
  9. So is it better if I buy the Corsair MP600 or another one that is a PCIe? Edit: Nvm
  10. I actually saved it, but I found the 1 Tb one in only 1 site in my country, that I don't really trust.If I order it from amazon the delivery is gonna be at least 50$.
  11. Hey, I'm trying to find the best(fastest) 1TB SSD I can buy, that's not too expensive and I found the Corsair Force Series MP600(4,950MB/s read and 4,250MB/s write speed).It's not that expensive in my country compared to another ssd's like the Samsung 970 EVO PCIe(3,500 MB/s read and 2,500 MB/s write speed).What's the difference except the speed and which one should I get?Also can you recommend another one?
  12. It is mechanical and I've just tried it on another pc and it doesn't work.
  13. Hey, one of my keyboard keys just stopped working when I turned on my pc and when I restarted the computer the same exact key was just spamming without me touching it and now it doesn't work again.Can someone help me with that problem?