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    Intel Core i7 3770
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    Asus P8-Z77 V - LE PLUS
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    16GB Kingston 1600Mhz
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    MSI GeForce GTX 760
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    2x Samsung 840 SSD ,WD 2TB Green,Black
  1. No, this method doesn't solve my problem , I think it's the MOBO problem because I can't use the mouse in the UEFI either. This method doesn't work for me. Do you have any solution about changing the bios settings?
  2. It does work on another computer. But not on this one. I have to change bios settings or something?
  3. Reconnect as in unplugging then replugging the mouse into the motherboard.
  4. Yes, I have download and install driver and synapse from razer website but that didn't solve the problem.
  5. Yes, I does have installed the drivers and the latest firmware from Razer.
  6. My razer deathadder 2013 do not working everytime windows start. I have to reconnect every time windows boot up to make it working. any solution? Sorry for bad English it not my native language.