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  1. Fps drops to 130 back up to 160-170 I think I should play with those settings a little. I know that's just stupid to whine about, but man I want to have more fps
  2. No, I'm not buying a new cpu, but probably after about a year or so, cuz it needs to be upgraded. My monitor is ASUS VG248QG 24" 165hz I just locked it 10 frames higher. And about the freezing it always happens on the windows loading sign/circle. Should I just watch some tutorials and leave this setting since its just stupid?
  3. Hey, I'm kinda new to overclocking and haven't done anything except turning on the AI in the BIOS and it was running perfectly, but then I decided to update my BIOS, because last time it was updated was when I bought it (2018). When I updated it it, I turned on the AI thingy again and now it gives me a BSOD with code CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT. When I reset all settings to default it boots up. I don't know why it doesn't want to run after the update... I played r6 with maxed out settings and the fps was always 175 when overclocked (I capped it), without the AI it framedrops sometimes. Any ideas wh
  4. I'm not sure if there is a "correct drive" option, but I'll try it. Thanks for the help!
  5. So how should I do that? With some kind of software or from where you install windows?
  6. I want to fully wipe (format) all drives on my pc from the tab where you install windows 10. I know that if you format a hard drive or an SSD it will shorten its lifespan. Is it the same thing with M.2s? If yes how should I delete everything without formatting it and then install a new OS?
  7. Pretty close.. It's the "M" key. It works, but only If I press it really hard. I have another mechanical keyboard with blue switches with the same problem, but it's the space bar.
  8. I don't have a good soldering iron and haven't tried to solder anything so i don't have any experience, but yesterday I've searched something about the switches and it said that even beginners can use a soldering iron which is good. I've learned that you can open up the switch and a spring pops out, but that's it.
  9. So I broke one of my keys when I punched the keyboard and now I'm wondering how to fix it. I've thought about getting a new switch and a soldering iron and try to replace it, but the warranty will expire if I disassemble it and it will take at least a month until they arrive... I've emailed the place where I bought the keyboard and they told me to contact some another company and the company told me to send the keyboard to them so they can see what's wrong and probably fix it, but that's probably gonna take even longer than a month. Or I can just buy a razer huntsman for the same price as my k
  10. wellp I thought it's fixed but today it happened again...
  11. When I went in device manager the mouse was under keyboard and under mice and other pointing devices. I uninstalled them both with their drivers I did everything and when I restarted my pc it didn't shut off this time, but I still have the mouse under keyboards. Is that normal and could this be causing the issue?
  12. When I turn my pc on the mouse doesn't work or light up and I have to unplug it and plug it back in every time. But sometimes it lights up and I can move it around, but when I click anywhere it just doesn't work and I have to unplug it again. This is getting annoying. Has anyone had this issue before?
  13. God damn. Six years since this problem exists and this man's solution still works for me. You are a hero.
  14. I installed one of them in the 4th slot(the right one) and it turn on and off and then on again but it booted.
  15. It worked fine 2-3 hours ago... Here is what I see. I dont want to do something wrong so I just sent you an image
  16. I cant get to the BIOS when I have both of the ram sticks installed. The pc just turns off and on for like 2 seconds. I removed the 4th ram stick (from left to right) and right now im in the BIOS
  17. I'll try it, but in the BIOS for some reason the ram's frequency is automatically set to 2666mhz or something like that and it should be 3000 mhz. Should I leave it or should I change it to 3000.
  18. Hi, so I bought a new ssd, wiped all the drives, then I removed them all except the ssd, installed windows 10, installed some drivers and then the pc asked for a restart.I turned it off so I can plug in the 2 hard drives again and when I turned the pc on it turns on and off repeatedly. I tried swapping the RAM sticks (they are 2) nothing happened, then I removed the one that was on the third slot and the pc booted. I turned off the pc and swapped the 1st RAM stick with the other one and the pc booted again... So the problem clearly isn't in the sticks. What causes the problem then? And should
  19. So you are telling me that I can plug the flash drive with the OS and set it as the boot device from the BIOS and then I can delete it when it boots?
  20. Hey, so I bought a new m.2 ssd and I want to completely wipe all my hard drives including the OS, so I can make a clean install of Windows 10 on the new ssd. The only problem is, that I don't know how. I searched in google and youtube. They always use the option in Windows 10 for reseting the pc, but I think it removes everything from the drives except the OS and installs it again automatically. I want the drives to be like I just bought them. Can anyone help me do that?