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    Daniel D. got a reaction from Slayerking92 in Formatting an M.2   
    I want to fully wipe (format) all drives on my pc from the tab where you install windows 10. I know that if you format a hard drive or an SSD it will shorten its lifespan. Is it the same thing with M.2s? If yes how should I delete everything without formatting it and then install a new OS?
  2. Funny
    Daniel D. reacted to HanZie82 in Formatting an M.2   
    @Kilrah is 100% correct.
    By correct drive i mean the one you want to use for Windows .
  3. Agree
    Daniel D. reacted to Madgemade in Is my motherboard compatible with this ssd?   
    Yes it is. You have two M.2 slots on that board and both are compatible with that SSD.
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    Daniel D. got a reaction from RobFRaschke in Where do I have to plug this?