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  1. Deltawing457

    BYOC ticket question

    I was going to split my time between forts and apex
  2. Deltawing457

    Best roaming options in Canada

    https://www.whistleout.ca/CellPhones/Guides/Best-coverage-In-Vancouver Might have to grab a prepaid from one of these
  3. Deltawing457

    BYOC ticket question

    Linus said that napping on your keyboard was okay-ish. I don't intend to be sleeping. I still intend to bring my laptop to game I just wanted to know if it was one of those situations where if I didnt for some reason would it be a problem. My logic was focused more on "what if I can't" rather than "I don't want to" I just suck at words.
  4. Deltawing457

    Best roaming options in Canada

    Does your phone provider not offer international packages? I use AT&T and they offer a cheap add on for it
  5. Deltawing457

    BYOC ticket question

    I needed to know if bringing a PC is "Required" or if i was going to be shown the door (stupid i know) This question was answered 2 days before the first response on this thread and I haven't the slightest clue how to lock it. I respect that you guys have a different opinion than my own but the bottom line is I own this ticket now and ill use said ticket without the slightest remorse that someone else wanted it and couldn't have it. Thank you for taking the time to help me.
  6. Deltawing457

    LTX Fitness Challenge

    I really love this post. I'm currently working on losing 25 lbs to put myself back into shape Best of luck to you Hammy!
  7. Deltawing457

    BYOC ticket question

    Right.. I'm going to LTX because I WANT to go to LTX. I'm going to Dreamhack because I WANT to go to Dreamhack. Are you seeing where I'm going here? My question gets ignored for over a week and then I get a bunch of crap responses including two people calling me a dick/disrespectful for not wanting to bring my PC and two telling me to sell my ticket. 10/10
  8. Deltawing457

    BYOC ticket question

    I'm sorry what? Me not wanting to bring my PC to dreamhack is somehow disrespectful?
  9. Deltawing457

    Where is everyone staying? Looking for places.

    Who needs sleep anyways
  10. Deltawing457

    Friend/Team For BYOC at LTX

    Hey I added you on steam
  11. Deltawing457

    Midwest Carpool?

    I'm in Missouri and entertaining the idea of a car pool
  12. Deltawing457

    BYOC Friends Allowed?

    Dreamhack does have a free play area but she will have to leave at 6pm
  13. You and I are going to be friends I can just tell. Also no drug test worries here I run my own company lol
  14. Deltawing457

    Looking to split hotel for LTX19

    If we could all chip in on a room that would be pretty cool really. I'm gonna be at dream hack all night but I wouldnt mind showing up early
  15. Deltawing457

    LTX 2019 Ticket Sales Start TOMORROW!

    Which ticket did you end up buying?