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  1. Well my kids have been especially* destructive so far this year does that count? My 3 year old ripped off like 5 feet of paint the other day
  2. Hey neighbor! I was wondering if you ever got that parking situation figured out, I'm selfie man btw
  3. Sorry for the late response but yeah it was open for BYOC starting at 8am
  4. I'm setting up my laptop at byoc as we speak but i can look for you later
  5. You can refund the ticket I thought.
  6. I followed him for a while but he seems pretty manic. Eh, who gives a shit about YouTube drama? No one in this thread is being paid to care.
  7. I believe you'd need 16 of them to make 24k
  8. Hey man don't give up hope yet I didnt even know if i could go until last night
  9. I was going to split my time between forts and apex
  10. https://www.whistleout.ca/CellPhones/Guides/Best-coverage-In-Vancouver Might have to grab a prepaid from one of these
  11. Linus said that napping on your keyboard was okay-ish. I don't intend to be sleeping. I still intend to bring my laptop to game I just wanted to know if it was one of those situations where if I didnt for some reason would it be a problem. My logic was focused more on "what if I can't" rather than "I don't want to" I just suck at words.