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    Well, let's see....I love computers so much I decided to go back to school and get an IT degree so I can turn my hobby into a career. I'm almost done with my AAS in Computer Networking but I'm enjoying it so much that I will probably continue on to get other certifications and another degree potentially. I would spend all my waking hours building and programming computers and tech if I could. I like to say that, give me enough time and resources (aka Google) and I can fix most problems when it comes to computers. My instructors like to say, when something goes wrong its usually a case of a P.E.B.C.A.K (If you don't know what that stands for, and you don't work in IT...you can probably Google it. :P).


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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    ASRock x570 Steel Legend wifi ax
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB DDR4 3000mhz
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    ASRock Phantom Gaming D RX5700 XT
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro tempered glass
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    Samsung 970 EVO m.2 NVMe 500GB, Seagate Barracuda 3TB
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    Corsair RMx 850W PSU
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    ASUS PB287Q 28" 4K @ 60Hz, Samsung SyncMaster 2133HD
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    Corsair Hydro Series H60 120MM Liquid Cooler
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    Corsair K95 RGB Platinum
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    Corsair Ironclaw Wireless
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    Corsair Virtuoso SE, Logitech Z213 Speakers
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    HP Envy x360 Ryzen 5 2500U
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  1. Got the chonky boi gold water bottle. Plus bunch of other things like a new gaming laptop, wall mount for my second monitor, etc etc no one cares bout that tho.
  2. I saw the Ossia batteries in my searching, but the technology they use is not quite the same as Qi charging. They use the same type of principal as wi-fi and bluetooth, essentially. From what I saw they're supposedly going to release those next year. I just wanted to see if I could possibly engineer a solution myself, as that's kind of the road I'm going down (currently in school to be an engineer, I already have an IT degree) and I'm looking at projects that I can start planning out.
  3. Soooo....I'm currently running a Corsair Ironclaw wireless mouse, and while I love it, it seems as though I have to plug the darn thing in almost every day. I've been doing some research into available wireless charging mice and mousepads, but only a few models exist and they're also quite expensive. I was trying to figure out if there would be a way to convert a wireless mouse to be able to accept Qi wireless charging, and then all I'd need is a charging pad to plonk it down on. My idea, however, is to take a mouse that runs from AA batteries rather than my Ironclaw (I don't want to ruin it,
  4. As someone who is currently in the process of repainting some cases for custom builds, I have a few suggestions/tips that you might find helpful. First, yes prepping the case is the best way to ensure your paint looks good once finished. A light sanding to remove any existing coatings, then a basic soap+water wash to remove any leftover dust and stuff and air dry will be enough for most cases then you need to consider your paint, and the types of materials the case is made from. If you have a case that has both metals and plastics, like the ones I've been working on, look for paint that spec
  5. I got myself the Corsair Virtuoso SE earlier this year and I would highly recommend it. Its been amazingly comfortable for long gaming sessions, the mic is decent as I've had no complaints from any of my friends since I got it and it has USB-C which tbh its 2020 everything should have that by now. Another fun thing I discovered is that it is capable of two input sources at once - via wireless and wired (with the 3.5 cable, I haven't tried wireless and USB yet). Idk if this was a feature they advertised or not, but I discovered it kind of by accident and it just made me love the headset more.
  6. I have the K95 Platinum and as said above, Corsair uses a non-standard bottom row and the only pudding style keycaps right now are standard sizes and generally only in sets. I looked and looked when I bought my set (the Hyper-X one) but could never find any with the right dimensions for my board, so I left the keys that wouldn't fit and it really doesn't look too bad tbh. I thought it would bother me more than it did, but it really never was an issue after the initial "aw poop" moment when I realized I couldn't make it a whole matching set.
  7. Oof on the power supply. I've been working recently with a few builds using a Rosewill PSU and those things suck a butt. Rosewill cases are okay, but stay away from those PSUs. Get a good Corsair, EVGA or Silverstone modular with some nice black cables and I'd say its perfect.
  8. WELP that plan might not work after all for me I am not within the weight limit for the stupid Panda Pods...sooo not the best idea if you're on the bigger side like I am, I guess. Looks like I'll have to figure something else out.
  9. I volunteered and spent my Saturday at the con, Sunday working. Being a broke college student, I couldn't afford a hotel so I decided to pull an all-nighter in the BYOC... DON'T. That was a mistake ? I was miserable most of Sunday, having been on my feet basically all day the previous day and with no real rest in between. I was lucky enough to be working the Gaming at Every Price Point booth, which was right next to Vertagear, who graciously let me lounge in their chairs the whole day. So with that experience in mind, as much fun as I had last year, being miserable and
  10. @NickHeavy I just came here to say that you've done an incredible job at this whole project! I'm super happy to see you in videos now. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects. :)
  11. I have almost finished my upgrade from (Blue) Beast to (Black) Beauty. It's been five years since I built the original Blue Beast, and since then I've gone through soooooooo many different iterations of it, to eventually replacing every part save for a few (like my card reader, BD/DVD drive, some fans and an external drive bay thing). I started out with: Rosewill Blackhawk Blue edition ATX mid tower case AMD A8 7600 APU ASRock FM2A88X+ BTC G.Skill Ares 8GB (2x4) DDR3-2400 WD Black2 1TB HDD 120GB SSD Hybrid drive Corsair GS600 80+ Bronze 600W PSU
  12. And I thought I had an overkill RGB system ? I gotta ask, how are you liking the Ironclaw so far? I just got one myself recently but I'm still torn between it and my wired Nightsword. All Corsair, all the way though!
  13. Cable management is a giant pain in the butt. I have torn down and rebuilt my PC so many freaking times just because I don't like my cable management, and every time I only get a teeensy weensy little bit better at it...? cable monster aside your build looks pretty damn solid I'd say. If you're gonna tackle those cables my only advice is that cable ties are your friend.
  14. Tested the card in another system? Test a different card in that system? This may help to determine that the GPU is definitely the cause.
  15. ^^^^ If you're not running on a UPS, you should be. Even if you live in a modern house, that's no guarantee that something might happen and cause damage to your PC. You can get a pretty decent UPS from CyberPower for anywhere from $80-$200 depending on your system's total power draw at max. I run a 900Watt/1500VA on my system with an 850W PSU that never gets close to max even under load (I just upgraded from a 750W and never maxed that one either) and this is more than enough for my system.