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  1. Does Samsung not care that you took their TV down after like a week?
  2. I would be satisfied if the front facing camera performed and looked the same way as the camera on the back.
  3. You seriously put tape over your front facing camera like a webcam on a laptop?
  4. Fluxify

    What Do i upgrade on my pc?

    Get a new graphics card.
  5. Fluxify

    This Phone lasts an ENTIRE WEEK

    The big problem with this phone is the weight.
  6. Fluxify

    Spotify banning ad blockers

    There viewership numbers will go down because of this.
  7. Fluxify

    Sprint sues AT&T over bogus '5G E' icon to iPhones

    Good. I am glad they are.
  8. I use randomly generated passwords so I really have nothing to worry about.
  9. Fluxify

    The Verge: How we built a copyright strike

    Hopefully @Bitwit can solve the strike!
  10. Fluxify

    Logitech MX518 rerelease feb. 19

    People really loved this mouse and still do to this date. This mouse is going to be a big hit.
  11. I am so excited to get my hands on the Galaxy S10. I really hope Samsung does not drop the ball.