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  1. We are also mostly introverts. We quarantined before quarantine was cool. I have not booked my airfare. I have been tempted to because it has dropped almost 1,000$ for me and my crew. Haven't booked a hotel yet either. Keep educating people to stay the F home and wash their hands. I can promise you that LMG cares more about it's community than the bottom line. They will make a decision when the time is right and they have more information. Stay safe everyone!!!
  2. Found the issue. ONE pin was bent. Straightened it and it fixed the issue. New issue is that when my computer boots it tries to boot from ssd and my hd isn't in the boot from list. Thank you all so much for your help! I love this community!
  3. I installed an ssd. Samsung Evo plus m.2 nvme. That wouldn't keep it from booting would it?
  4. I've installed a few Ryzen CPUs before in new systems. It was the old CPU stuck to the heatsink, that damaged it. I did try a Ryzen 7 CPU of same gen, it didn't work. I tried the old alcohol trick provided by Crossfire and now the heatsink and GPU have power but not booting.
  5. I don't have a good camera and my phone camera sucks. I can't believe I would do something so dumb.
  6. I got a new Ryzen 5 3600x to replace my Ryzen 3. I am sleep deprived and did not update the bios before I uograded. Now the old CPU will not work. My motherboard is a tuf gaming b450m mini ATX. I am very upset. I don't know how to fix this. When I put the old CPU back in the motherboard has power but the GPU and CPU don't. When I took the old CPU out it was stuck to the cooler and I may have damaged it. It has all the pins but one tiny section is dark.
  7. @Spotty @GOTSpectrum I know you aren't doing badges for this event but if you did, a little covid model would be pretty cute and a great reminder of the team Folding Team LTT came together as a community Just in case you change your mind.
  8. Proof that every PC can do it's part. I don't have a monster system but it is still doing it's part.
  9. It already had the gpu slot, removed the cpu slot. Thanks!!!!
  10. https://www.ltxexpo.com/info-regarding-covid19
  11. It is in August my dude. Things can turn around before then. What I am hoping for is that this will make LTX THE Tech event of 2020.All the other events were cancelled so in my mind that would mean the vendors would have MORE stuff to giveaway and maybe we can get more vendors that wouldn't show at a small event.
  12. https://www.ltxexpo.com/info-regarding-covid19 It will be talked about on the Wan Show tonight. Keep checking the website, forum, and Discord for updates. It has not been cancelled. We all need to think ahppy and positive thoughts.
  13. That is what I put, but it said bad gateway. Now it is working. Hopefully I did it right. Yes, I had to request my passkey again. Thanks for your help. It is early and my brain is not working yet.
  14. This is probably going to be a question already asked. I only folding for folding month so I am still new. Where do I find the passkey for the LTT team? Is there a way to fold only for Covid-19?
  15. I asked Colton and he said yes.