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  1. I want RDR2 & i want it now

    I waited for GTA V I can wait for RDR2 ^^
  2. What are members of the PC master race playing?

    Recently, only Monster Hunter World and nothing else. Normally though it's a mix up between Rocket League, LoL, BF1, BF4, For Honor, Skyrim, Need for Speed, BDO, GTA V, and OSRS ^^
  3. Is Monster Hunter World on PC Steam worth getting?

    Definitely, I haven't stopped playing since it's release. As mentioned there is quite a few fixes needed but luckily for me I've only ever been dced once, apart from that the game was been fantastic. Also who plays full price for games g2a/cdkeys amirite?
  4. ^ THIS, 6 years it's been out. I guess devs see the Bethesda style of development works...
  5. Tattoo Suggestions

    Thanatos, Greek God of Death
  6. I wish I was my age now but in the 90's.

    Yeah don't get me wrong I loved the 90s, it was basically half of my childhood. Some of my fondest memories as a kid are from the 90s, having said that though I feel it would spoil the nostalgia if I went back as an adult. It's like when you go back to an old game that you used to love only to find that it doesn't hold that same feeling that it used to. Apart from Pokemon that will always be a 10/10, and i'll always play it on my original gameboy colour i got when i got mine for christmas when i was about 5-6.
  7. I wish I was my age now but in the 90's.

    I'm 25 myself and honestly don't mind the current world, sure everything is on a spiral downwards towards oblivion but hey at least it's fun. Just look at what you actually get to do today that you couldn't in the 90s, travelling around the world has never been easier and cheaper, a lot of diseases that we never had the cure for aren't even an issue any more. People are living longer, AI and a new space race is under way to get to Mars. This time in history has never been more exciting for me, we're either going to self implode from over population and severly damage the planet permantely. Or we're going to advance to another level of civilisation and populate our solar system. The next 100 years is going to be hectic, crazy, depressing, scary and just down right fucked up. But I for one will have a massive smile on my face, enjoying the shit out of the ride!
  8. Where do you guys stand on Bagpipes?

    I'm Liverpudlian with a few relatives from Scotland and it's weird because they hate it but I absolutely love it! Nothing better for background noise when your playing a fighting game than bagpipe war music
  9. Off topic chit chat

  10. Recovering an OST File

    Hi All, More a question than an issue really, but does anyone know if I recover an OST file into a outlook profile, will it overwrite all the current data that the current OST file holds or will it merge it? Thanks
  11. Off topic chit chat

    I swear lad your profile pic changes so many times a month x). Anyway, anyone here into Basketball? I'm only recently getting back into it and want to shape up my jump shot, anyone have any pointers?
  12. WHATS THIS APP?!?!

    Gimp?! Only losers use gimp /s
  13. WHATS THIS APP?!?!

    Am at a loss then mate, why don't you get in touch with them again and see if they'll tell you, they sound like dicks tbh. Who honestly cares about IG that much?
  14. WHATS THIS APP?!?!

    No idea what the app is but it'll probably be on this list FYI sometimes google might be quicker that LTT
  15. "Replicant" (Blade Runner 2049) CaseMOD Invitational

    I've got no idea how I managed to miss this, I've read through the last two pages with me mouth open! This is going to be a slick looking build when it's finished. 10/10 so far from me. I'm loving the part porn