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    Intel i7 5820k
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    Rampage V Extreme
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    4x4 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4
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    GTX 980 x 2
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    Corsair 650D
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    2 TB Samsung 850 Evo
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    27" Asus 1440p
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    Razer Blackwidow 2013 edition
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    Razer Naga Molten Edition
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    Some cheap ass Hi-FI

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  1. Great fix that worked for me... uninstall. Being serious though update your graphic drivers see if that helps.
  2. can i travel to japan alone?

    ^This, Having said that though i travelled to France with my sister when i was 15 and she was 12. That being said our Uncle was waiting for us on the other side. More than likely they wouldn't entertain it unless you had rock solid contact over there and a completely valid reason for going.
  3. Net Neutrality is Dead.

    Give it time
  4. can i travel to japan alone?

    These god damn kids with there god damn anime. Being serious though why don't you give it a bit more thought/research https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g1-i12357-k9643689-Would_Japan_let_in_a_16_years_old_alone-Solo_Travel.html
  5. Net Neutrality is Dead.

    "Land of the free" Top Kek
  6. Creating new user to be more productive

    Happy to help
  7. Creating new user to be more productive

    When you're creating a new user I'm assuming you're using win 10. Go to settings> accounts>other people> "add someone else to this pc"> "I don't have this person's sign-in information">"Add a user without a microsoft account"> boom you're done.
  8. Friends, do I have to have some?

    Feels bad that we all do in the end. Maybe a bit too deep
  9. Can I play some games without a gpu?

    Yeah with low you should be able to hit 50+ consistently, how come you're not using your 1060?
  10. Can I play some games without a gpu?

    You should be able to run both of them on low, don't expect high frames though
  11. You just lost the game

    This isn't 2009 4chan /b/ro
  12. Star Citizen Legatus Pack, every item in the game for $27,000

    Madness that people in this thread are still defending this burning pile of garbage, Bless Online is a game everyone needs to get on board with. /s
  13. Naming your build?

    Could spin it off a favourite movie etc? for example mine is Lord of the Pings
  14. I need some help deflating a pompous German...

    Like I'd have to learn how people can be a Furry and be OK with it? /s