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  1. @MEC-777 Dude. You serious? " Shadowplay offers lower quality than what I used to get with OBS + QuickSync" " looking way better than Shadowplay" Isn't it enough to tell that I've tried it? And even that I have to use it now, because OBS doesn't work? You are thinking too much, is what I think ;)
  2. @MEC-777 QuickSync has no performance hit what so ever. Not even 1 FPS less. While also looking way better than Shadowplay. But it used to work on my 770. While now it makes games unplayable.
  3. @MEC-777 #1 Done twice already #2 Done already Shadowplay offers lower quality than what I used to get with OBS + QuickSync. +Just so you know, I know what I'm doing. I have both IT and Electronics speciality. I know I have made a terrible deal buying this GTX 960... Well Nevermind... Now none want to start and have the same issue... WTF?!
  4. I didn't read any previous posts, but I've just recently bought a GTX 960 4GB (Coming from GTX 770 2GB) expecting something great, but I've just hit a wall of BlueScreens, Terrible Performance and Awfull Quality. After about 2 weeks I'm unable to start a game, because it doesn't crash only itself, but also voice communication programs like discord/teamspeak. You cannot even press anything when it shows up for a split second: There were also some random BlueScreens. Settings reseting itself. Short FPS drops. Disability to use OBS (QuickSync, NVENC), because of FPS drops above 100FPS. + Downgrading drivers makes the card work better... WTF? Are you serious? I bought a card that was supposed to be better, but instead I get crap...
  5. Thank you! I live in Poland so the pricing is a bit different/delayed than what you have elsewhere. 3770K is about 900-950PLN. (215-230 USD) While 4790K is about 1200-1300PLN (290-315 PLN) + 200-300PLN for new one Both used While I'm able to now switch 4670K for 3770K. +Motherboards with SLI are quite expensive for 4790K.
  6. I have i5-4670K in my PC which sometimes lacks in computing power for my needs and I've got an occasion to switch to i7-3770K. Which one should I go with?
  7. Well. But the games are running in 280FPS + (144hz monitor) So I wouldn't imagine that the GPU could be a bottleneck. Could Windows 10 be the issue?
  8. 1. Playing a game + watching a twitch stream/youtube video on second causes the second screen to lag/stutter. 2. Recording with OBS using Intel Quick Sync gives "Exceeding use of CPU". 3. Recording with OBS using Intel Quick Sync causes stutter on main screen + recording skips quite alot of frames (Inconsitent 50-55 FPS) 4. I used to be able to have game open, recording with OBS, preview open on second monitor + open browser with preview of live stream. Now it's impossible because of huge lag on second screen. Old stream(GTX 980): -15000 bits/s (bitrate), 1080p60fps New stream(GTX 960): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsTfKfMwJBU -15000 bits/s (bitrate), 1080p60fps Old recording(GTX 980): -20000 bits/s (bitrate), 1080p60fps System: i5-4670K GTX 960 24GB RAM (2x8 + 2x4) 550W "XFX" PSU SSD for software, HDD for recordings Dedicated SoundCard Above issues didn't happen on GTX 980 (Sold because it was way too much for my needs)
  9. well. For now I worked on 1680x1050 20inch one And a cheapest 27inch 1440p144Hz is 600PLN more... (150-200USD)
  10. I'm about to buy a gaming monitor that has to be 1080p144Hz and optionally have DisplayPort and 27 inches :3 (I will delete this post in 2 days)
  11. Dang 22 bucks is quite sum money. I will live without the painting @olbaze It would be really hard to break stuff doing this You just have to take wire from one LED to another and it works. The issue is how to fit two LEDs in there.
  12. Hello guys. Week ago I've bought a Quickfire TK brown and I'd like to make it stand out more. (I thought it would be better than my old blackwidow, but lack of hand-rest makes it so damn high and those brown switches that feel like there is sand stuck inside... But I'm going to buy a set of different switches for it, so it's not a problem. ) One idea was to rewire power to the LEDs under arrows F12 and FN to make it white all the time and add green or red LEDs under them to indicate their state (on or off). Does anyone know if someone was able to do such thing?? (2 LEDs under single key) Or if it's possible to make it RGB. Second thing is to paint the cover (everything except the keys) white, so it would stand out more, but! (I've modded my case painting metal parts with powder and plastic front with matte Montana spray cans. The issue is the front darkened up a little and got dirty way too fast, while the metal powdered parts are white, pretty and shiny.) So how do you paint the keyboard so it won't peel off, lose its color or shine?
  13. It's a "one guy made a website and is selling stuff 4 times higher than from a retailer". I'm about to make a purchase from arroweurope if you'd like to order something cheap to poland.
  14. Disable n-key rollover. Hold FN till it locks then press ESC+6.