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  1. It can kinda be done... I removed the LED fan that came with my case and bought the Corsair 115i AOI without any RGB fans, added a couple of extra corsair fans without RGB, my ram is free from RGB as is the graphics card. The only RGB is on the AIO CPU cooler/pump, there's a little on the Aorus motherboard.. but that's it. I do accept RGB on my mouse/keyboard because those lights are actually usefull and help you see what you are doing in a dark room. Everything else is worthless to me... and my case is turned away from me on a platform to my left... So I can't see it anyway.
  2. All excessive fanbois/goils are a bad thing and I tend to instantly dismiss anything they say as irrelevant because those types are incapable of being objective or rational about whatever particular product/brand they are gushing over.
  3. Not quite true... they invented the demand because a minority wanted it, just like a minority wanted cold cathode lighting 15-20yrs ago... It's now reached saturation point where it's actually getting harder to find products without the RGB tax on it. People don't always create a demand for something, often it's foisted upon them because these companies remove the choices for people... So now it's RGB or nothing, even if you choose to turn it off... thee companies can point to sales and say... Hey, look at those sales... obviously everyone Wants RGB... so MORE RGB. Think of it like 3D movies... the majority of people don;t like them... and if given a choice would go to see the 2D version. So they removed the option for people to see the movie in 2D and only released 3D copies to be shown. Then they would point tot he 3D sales figures as proof that 3D was great. Except... in every case where a 2D versions was shown as the same time as the 3D version... the 2D version generated more sales. Every time you see them point to 3D sales being greater is because they didn't have a 2D option on the same number of screens. That's now changed and you can often go and see a 2D version without any problems... Watching a non 3D movie in IMAX however remains a problem for a lot of the major movies.. and I expect the trend to become more of a problem when Avatar 2 comes out as that's was used as a benchmark for the current 3D trend. But 3D TV is dead, there are no major panel makers out there making 3D TV's any more and of the broadcasters that tried to push it as a marketing tool... have all very quietly removed it from their services. No one wanted 3D movies, no one asked for it... the last 2 times it's been tried it's been an utter failure (it was pushed hard in the 50's and again in the 80's and again in the 2010's... each time there has been roughly a 30yr gap... or just enough time for the old generation to have kids that are now becoming teenagers... and they think its time to revive it as a cash cow. Now they're trying to push wrap around screens (I've been in one and it's horrible) and 4DX (which is utterly pointless) it's just a marketing gimmick using tech... in the old days they paid actors to mingle with the audience or to dress up and roam the auditorium scaring/interacting with customers.
  4. As you get older, you lose the ability to hear certain frequencies.... you've probably just started to notice it because you're considered OLD now.
  5. When it comes to phones, I had a smart phone with a touchscreen way back in 2005... I had a couple in fact. Both Sony Ericssons... I forget the model numbers exactly, but the last one was the P990i I think. The main difference was the keyboard was physical on those, and the touch screen wasn't the same type... however, Samsung released a smartphone with capacitive touch screen and rounded corners at least 6 months before the iPhone launched. So as usual with Apple it's a case of stealing other peoples ideas, refining them in some way and then comes the marketing genius to convince the masses that it's their invention... You've be surprised at how many people who aren't as tech aware as the people on forums like these... swear blind that apple invented everything they've ever made... Because they've bought into the idea that apple is cool, it's fashionable, it makes you more likeable, it shows how successful you are... Now before anyone things I'm just bashing apple for the sake of it... I'm not... I'll happily sit here and slag of the 'idea of apple' all day long... and the fanbois/goils that buy in to the bullshit marketing (across any brand really). For those who enjoy the products because they offer a simpler approach to the user experience... No problem at all... I'm considering getting an iPod classic myself if I can find a decent second hand one because my current car has an ipod dock built in to it... but it only accepts the old style proprietary connection... But I've seen the prices people expect for stuff that's now over 10yrs old and all it does is reinforce my view that apple products and the fanbois/goils who worship them are insane. But again... that's kinda true for many brands. Just take a look at how Linus gushes over anything razor and has had several of their laptops and still gushes over them in spite of the fact he's openly stated in videos that the quality and durability of those he's had is kinda garbage.... until he gets given the next piece of razor shiny and he goes... ooooh... shiny... want.... So yeah... I kinda agree that they've popularised things... which is all down to the marketing.
  6. I'd like to add something I often say regarding the video streaming market... because I think it also applies here. "You cannot continue to fragment the market and expect growth." Streaming services are now so many, that users are being forced into the position where after years of success shifting people from pirating media to paid services... they are once again convincing people that the only logical thing to do now... is return to the old habits. because subscribing to more than a couple of streaming services is no longer cost effective. I pay for the two largest ones already... I'm not adding more... I have a finite amount of money to dedicate to entertainment. I know what the solution is... I've been saying it every chance I get on which ever platform this conversation comes up... Either one universal streaming platform... or limited exclusives for a show/movie on the platform that produces it.. and after a set amount of time, it must be offered up for licensing to other platforms... and allow the other platforms to decide if they want it or not based on user demand for those types of shows on their service.
  7. I've got a little one of these, it's bright orange with black accents... cost me about £10. It's fine for most jobs but access can be a little tricky in some corners of a PC case. So I stick to some magnetic tipped screw drivers I have there. But fan/rad installation is a doddle with one of these
  8. Jobs was a genius... at marketing... a liar and a thief for almost everything else an unbelieveable narcissict and one of the most unpleasant people to work for apparantly. Apple haven't 'invented' anything that they currently get lauded for... First mp3 player... the iPod... nope... 3yrs earlier... The smart phone... nope... iPad... nope... airbuds... nope... laptops.... nope. if anyone can think of anything they have actually invented, and been the first to market with over the last 20yrs... Please let me know and don;t forget to provide source for the claim. I do enjoy being proven wrong.
  9. Yup.. it's not going on my system.. all they're doing with the timed exclusives crap is making people look for.. erm.. alternative ways to acquire it.
  10. I swore of HTC after I had the Desire HD back in around 2010... that was the flagship phone at the time... We were promised that the new version of Android was coming... the lower end phones go it... We never did, they simply lied about it and then pushed yet another version of their sense overlay... It's that reason why I sweat off phones with a manufacturer overlay and will only buy phones with as near to vanilla android as possible. I can cope with a few apps, but not anything more... That sense overlay baked in so many apps, on top of the built in baked versions of the same apps... so you were left with 2 versions of facebook/twitter that couldn't be removed along with other garbage. Got rid of that phone around 2012 and wouldn't touch them again... No wonder they've all but disappeared from the marketplace... treat customers like shit... people stop buying phones... HTC goes 'surprisedpikachu.gif'
  11. So much this... There's a known defect in the bluetooth modules on the Honda Accord, it would start to fail and cause battery drain. To repair it via a 3rd party is around £350, or to replace from Honda is more like £550. So most people simply unplug them to stop the battery drain, and some then fit a parrot kit as a top of the range one of those with music streaming (which the Honda ones didn't have) can be bought/installed for around £200-220. But some of us are a little more creative... there were two main issues... occasionally one of the chips failed... which is a dead unit that can't be fixed. The most common cause was a dry/cracked solder joint. So we invented 'The Great British Bluetooth Bake Off'... stripped the units down, placed the PCB's in a 200ºC Oven raised up on each corner using some balled up greaseproof paper for about 20 mins. It reflowed the solder in the joints without damaging anything else, and a year later... they're still working.
  12. I've owned so many drives over the years that no brand is free from failure for me... except Samsung... 2x 1.5TB drives I bought way back in 2010 are still in use to this day and installed in my mum's system. They've only ever been used for video storage on my mediaserver, and are now doing the same on hers... But 10yrs is pretty damn good. I think there's a 2TB WD that's gotta be at least 7 or 8yrs old too, and I've got a 500GB Hitachi on my desk right now that's about the same (it was in an external enclosure and was recently swapped for a 1TB I had going spare)
  13. I don't think it's the little things that bother people. Nothing is perfect and people are surprisingly willing to compromise... But companies that intentionally shit on their customers, who flout local consumer laws and have the attitude... so what, tough shit, we've got your money so fuck off. Those are the ones that deserve to have bad things happen to their stock price... because that's all the care about. If ubisoft had taken the issue seriously, and attempted to resolve it... I'd have been happy (at least until I actually played the game and found out the major issues)... instead they've lost a customer and in it's place created a person who will bad mouth them any time their name is mentioned... and will probably actively seek ways to acquire their products without directly giving them any money.
  14. I've got the Aorus B450 Pro with the dual bios that keeps falling over to the back for no reason what so ever... and it cannot run the Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz ram at 3200mhz at all. I have to run it at 3000mhz and of course everytime the bios falls over it resets everything back to defaults. It will probably be the last gigabyte board I ever buy for a long time.
  15. I've never understood that... I've seen some of their cases and they really don't do anything for me... BNut then I am one of those who still likes to have an optical drive installed (I still watch blurays from time to time and like to burn discs for the car still (my car has bluetooth but only for phone, no music streaming.. it's an older model)
  16. I was one of the Windows 7 holdouts... only got 10 12 months ago when I built my new system. Didn't pay full price for it off course, just bought a license for 20... I wanted Pro not the crappy version you can still get for free. I've locked it down as best I can to get rid of the crap, blocked telemetry and the MS store, removed cortana and added windows classic shell to revert the start menu to something more palatable. Also added back the windows 7 games. My media server is still on W7 Pro too, which is EOL next week... But I'm kinda leaning towards 'fuck it' on the upgrade side as it's literally a mediaserver, I don't use it for gaming, browsing or anything else really... even though it's got 16GB ram and an RX580 installed... it's still on the AMD FX platform with a budget ASUS M5 board and an FX8350. I keep meaning to get myself a Pi and mess around with it... but I've kinda let my IT skills wane over the years, so I'm way behind the curve in some areas now... I never learned HTML5 after all those years learning 4... and leaving the industry for 6yrs to help care for my late father. So coming back into it.. I've ended up in more consulting/management type roles than actual hands on like I used to.
  17. If you've got a 1070, then it's not worth updating for this gen... better to wait for the next gen in my opinion. Getting a 10% bump isn't enough to warrant the cost of the upgrade and as you said... it's a whole new system rather than an incremental update. What I'd do in that instance, is a part new build... MB/CPU/Ram and maybe a case (might also need a new PSU)... that's not gonna break the bank. Got for the best value/performance stuff around right now... which I think everyone would agree is the R5 3600, 16GB DDR4 3200-3600 and a decent B450 MB... with a mid range case and 600W PSU... what are we talking about really... $400-500 or so? use the 1070 and exisiting drives... perhaps consider a small M.2 for the OS side as NVME drives are really dropping in price now. 500gb for £50-60 here. I don't buy into the new car fallacy... I can't comment on other countries but when you buy a new car in the UK, as soon as you drive it away you lose 20% of it's value... Because that's the VAT on it. The depreciation on a new car is astronomical too over the next few years. It's literally a waste of money. So instead I practice what I've been calling 'bangernomics' I buy the most luxurious car I can for the lowest price... it'll be around 9 or more years old and have around 100k on the clock. But it'll cost me around 2k or less and I'll drive it around for several years and sell it on without that much depreciation. Before my current car, I had a Honda Accord EX (top of the range with all the toys) Tourer. I paid £1650 for it, and they gave me £600 trade in for the shitty Ford I'd been forced to drive for a few years (don't ask, it was a real POS and basically a bit of a lemon). So £1050... 2yrs later I get side swiped by a BMW, my cars a tank and brushes it off... I replace the wing and door for £150, and the undertray for £40 (I ended up in bushes). The BMW was trashed and a complete write off... because BMW are made of tissue paper. The insurance paid me £1700 for the car, I bought it back fixed it and did some upgrades and refurbished the wheels... and still had over £600 left in the end. I sold it 18 months later for £700 after a numpty clipped the front bumper doing some light cosmetic damage. So paid £1050 for the car... got £2400 in total for it. I then bought another Honda Accord EX, but newer with few miles on it... 5 months later a drunk, uninsured driver smashed it up along with a few others and did a runner... I paid £2000 for that car and a further £1000 on upgrades, refurbished the wheels to match the paint, new tyres, reversing camera install, LED light upgrade, fitted and painted an OEM spoiler. the insurance paid out £2500, I stripped off all the upgraded parts and found an identical car from another enthusiast, that was a year newer with 26k few miles on it... for £1800. I swapped over all the good stuff and am once again in profit. But at the end of the day... it's your money and if you've got better things to spend it on that's great. If you buy stuff you don't really want/need then it tends to leave a nagging annoying thought rattling around ya noggin.
  18. Does anyone else have a grudge against a company related to tech/gaming that nothing could ever convince you to reconsider? I'm not just talking about 'never buying an EA game because they're evil' kind of thing... But a company that has directly caused you a problem that you struggle to forget and/or forgive. I've got a couple... the first is nVidia. I've been PC gaming for long enough to have witnessed the first wave of 3D graphics cards and my first card was a 3DFX Voodoo II... sadly I never got to SLI a pair of them... But boy were they great. I then had an nVidia something or other from around 98 and as soon as 3DFX released the Voodoo 3 I grabbed one of them, and when they released the VooDoo 5 5500... I had one of them too.... sadly that was also the time of their demise and nVidia swooped in and bought up all of their IP... along with the promise of supporting Voodoo cards and customers... They lied... they hung everyone out to dry and never lifted a finger. All they wanted was the SLI patents. So I never really forgave them and it's one of the reasons I kinda heavily lean towards AMD GPU's... But I do own a couple of nVidia Shield TV boxes (2017 & 2019 models) and my tablet is the rather nice Shield K1... So I am being worn down a little... now if only they'd get of their high horse and actually price stuff competitively... I might consider a GPU at some point, but chances of that are slim. The next one is more recent... 2019.. and it's Ubisoft this time. I tried to buy the last Assassin's Creed game during a sale and for some unknown reason the version I bought wasn't the one I wanted (it was missing all the DLC)... I reached out to them and asked for them to adjust the sale and that I'd pay the difference. I even accepted that it's possibly my error and I clicked the wrong verion and wasn't paying enough attention at the checkout... We've all done it. They ignored me for weeks... I'd never actually played the game, all I'd done was launch it for less than 2 mins as I immediately saw stuff was missing. It was uninstalled immediately. When they eventually respond it's to basically say 'tough shit' you've played the game... I wasn't happy and told them so, pointed out that we have decent consumer laws in the UK and what they were doing wasn't acceptable... again they ignore it for weeks and then respond with the same canned statement telling me 'tough shit'. This is why I pay via paypal... so I open a dispute and they ignore that too... paypal refunds me my money. I update my complaint with them and ask them to remove the game from me because I have my refund. This is where they get a little shitty with me... the response is kinda pathetic and threatening with the suggestion that they will ban my entire account for daring to enforce my consumer rights. What ever drone I'm talking to hasn't a clue about those consumer rights/laws in the UK. They still don;t remove the game so a few weeks later, I update the compliant once more and say thank you for letting me keep the game after all... a few days later.. it's removed. I think no more of it... and about 6 months later, the game is on sale once more... this time even cheaper and with all the DLC. So I buy it... except it's not added to my games list... So I raise a ticket for it and am basically ignored for weeks again. It gets passed around and each time they fail to understand the issue... I've paid for it, you've taken my money... you've failed to give me the game... As the days/weeks go on, I start to get annoyed as they're doing bugger all to resolve it... So I escalate it to a complaint... it's ignored... so I send a letter to the CEO of Ubisoft UK and get one back promising to look into it, but all they do is pass it some useless drone in CS who weeks later responds with the same crap they parroted before. So back to paypal, get my money back.. Ubisoft have failed to resolve anything yet again and are nothing short of obnoxious arseholes in my book... As a result I will never spend another penny with them again. I have played the AC game though... and it's not actually worth it, so I count myself lucky I didn't waste my money... the levelling system is so stupid, you can't go back to an area you struggled with after levelling up a little more because all of the enemies auto level up to the same as you... making the act of increasing weapons/armour utterly pointless... It's like a grind that grinds for grindings sake. Even when the eventually reacted to the player backlash, they just added an option to set the auto levelling to be a couple lower than before... worthless still. So if nVidia is anything to go buy... it's gonna be 15 or more years before I ever consider buying anything from them... legitimately... not that I'd ever suggest anyone actually do anything like that of course... it's wrong... so, very, very wrong. Also... f*ck EA... they are evil.
  19. I've been in a similar situation, partly due to struggling financially for years (I gave up work to help my mum care for my late father), so every purchase was very carefully considered. I would do my research and make sure that the item I bought was not only the best value, but the best performance for that price. So my phones have always been at the higher end of the budget range (Current one is a Motorola G5S+ from late 2017). I was stuck on the AMD FX platform for years because all I could afford was budget 2nd hand parts... Until my situation changed and I was able to start brining home a reasonable amount of money again. So now I bring home twice what I need each month... It's allowed me to focus on other things, like finally getting some work done on the house that was desperately needed (New roof, new fencing and currently about to start on the spare bedroom and bathroom) it's also allowed me to finally build a new PC and I did that Jan 2019 but never replaced the graphics card until Sept... I've also upgraded the monitor by adding a 27" 144hz one to compliment the 2x 27" 75hz I was using before (also either second hand or sale items) It's the first time I've actually purchased brand new PC items in many years, aside from the odd little upgrade like a mouse/keyboard/hard drive. My mediaserver (also budget parts) is still on windows 7 and that's EOL next week... It could do with a rebuild and I was going to get a new 3xxx series ryzen and an X570 MB and relegate this one to the media server... But I'm also kinda thinking... nah... fuck it. I went from building a new system every 12-18 months in the first half of the 2000's to barely spending anything on PC parts due to investing all of my spare money into my other hobby... cars. Arguably just as pointless and wasteful... but far more expensive. I will be replacing my phone in the coming months... I tend to wait 2 or 3 gens between them... but my current one is fine, but I tend to give my mum my old phone and she's getting frustrated with the last one I gave her as it's really old now... she's grumbling about always having to enter her pin to use it as it has no fingerprint sensor... Mine does, so I'll give her that and replace mine... So now I'm looking at anything on sale in the sub £200 range but everything has a notch which I hate., and I prefer as close to vanilla as possible... so considering the Motorola One (pinhole notch on the left of screen) as I can get one for £199 now.
  20. Double check the airflow in the case, and strip the card and apply new thermal paste... My old RX580 was hitting 81ºC until I reapplied new paste and it dropped 11ºC
  21. I bought some about 18 months ago, and they've been great... I went to buy some more but they're now unavailable... So I bought a 3 pack of these plus a shorter 0.3m cable for the car. The upside to the new ones is that they come with both micro and C tips, so when I replace my phone I already have the spare connectors. I gave my old cables to my mum so she's got some spares for hers (I got her the same set as mine), and I've left one of my cables and a spare charger there for when I visit.
  22. Get some magnetic tip cables, it's what I use on all my devices now... a tip that slots into the charging port and cable that magnetically attaches... no more worn ports, no more worn cables... and simple to clip on and off.
  23. I said it could appear to be... not that it was. Including those details on a resume is a mistake for that reason... You can't dictate how another person will interpret the facts being presented. A resume is supposed to present the absolute best side of you and your experience... So including anything that could be interpreted otherwise is foolish. This is from a person who's had extensive training on how to teach people to write their CV (as it's called here in the UK)
  24. I can understand the reluctance to include it because it could have seemed like nepotism, but a job is a job and you can word your resume in such a way as to avoid mentioning you only got it because of a family member. You resume is part fact, part fiction anyway... you include only stuff that is relevant to the job you are applying for. You should have several versions of it stored that emphasise different strengths.