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  1. Nope, I looked up, and all settings are default or I never touched GPU setting.
  2. I tried to figuring what's wrong with that with brightest bloom FX in night time after enabling snow or blizzard and snow ground in trainer mod. I already reinstalled GTAV twice and graphics setting to high to very high. What's up with Bloom FX in GTAV???
  3. OK, cool. Terabit networks connection at home, when?
  4. Same here, I got BSOD on new PC at cold boot several times this year. I get used to.
  5. Windows, long as it isn't crashing. I skipped a few bad (even number start with Windows 3.1 to Windows 10) Windows OSes except Windows 2000.
  6. Did I need to uninstalling AMD Vega 11 drivers then put new AMD RX 5500 XT in? Or straight put in and leave currently Version 20.9.1 drivers alone?
  7. Anyone? I tried to post on Reddit, Unfortunately I got downvoted big time. *sighs* I really appreciate if you help me to solve this issue.
  8. I noticed that automatically CC almost never turned on itself last night and this morning, I tried to delete Cookies and cache, also I tried on Firefox and Edge as well. Creator official CC turned on itself just fine. Any way to chance to fix? CC supposed automatically on But itself was off when I watching.
  9. Try using Virtual Machine and install macOS in there and learning that OS...
  10. Yeah, thanks for answer my question... Then I'm very happy to received the new GPU...
  11. OK, whew. What if i will upgrading better CPU for later, and do i able to running it with this PSU?
  12. I received Asrock RX 5500XT 8GB Phantom Gaming D OC as early Christmas present out of nowhere from my family. So I'm worried about my Corsair CXM (2015) 450 W 80+ Bronze (1 year old since I built my own PC) didn't have enough power, and really expensive to buy a better PSU. Am I should be worries about it?
  13. Oh darn, I want to keep big time instead lost whole thing. Any other suggestions?