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  1. My first game console was NES and Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt, I received it in Christmas when I was 4 years old. That was 32 years ago. 4 years later after first game console, I got my first PC that I received from my uncle. Jeez, I am getting old.
  2. Anthony, LInus and Madison.
  3. CPU-Z apps, Looking at DRAM Manufacturer.
  4. Uhmm, what is the TRIM, and why is it that important?
  5. Wow, really? That's pretty long time ahead of SSD. Yeah, I wonder why NAND have more writes and where come from?
  6. I am not sure how much I cared about my SSD about 1 year and 2 months, and suddenly dropped to 99% health. Should I worry about it? Yes, I am virgin about SSD, and I don't know much about SSD. I always had HDD too long, Here's picture: Hard Disk Sentinel and Other one: Crystal Disk Info
  7. Nope, I looked up, and all settings are default or I never touched GPU setting.
  8. I tried to figuring what's wrong with that with brightest bloom FX in night time after enabling snow or blizzard and snow ground in trainer mod. I already reinstalled GTAV twice and graphics setting to high to very high. What's up with Bloom FX in GTAV???
  9. OK, cool. Terabit networks connection at home, when?
  10. Same here, I got BSOD on new PC at cold boot several times this year. I get used to.
  11. Windows, long as it isn't crashing. I skipped a few bad (even number start with Windows 3.1 to Windows 10) Windows OSes except Windows 2000.