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  1. 2010 P5Q Deluxe Q6600 16Gb Ram HD6970 Sapphire Wanted to build a media server so in 2011, I upgraded to a P8P67 Deluxe and 2600K and added a 2nd HD6970. The Q6600 became my home server for a while, until I retired it and went back to 1 PC. Until 2018, when I decided to build a new rig and moved my 2600k to a home server, with a GT710 instead, still going strong. 2018 Maximus X Hero 8700K 64Gb Ram Strix Vega 64 By 2020, I got fed up of the Vega 64 and switched it to a RTX 2080 Super. Plan to make this last for at least another 5 years, the problem is I like to tinker and also always want more power.
  2. I finally gave up on AMD, my Vega 64 often crashed, black screened and lost it's settings. Switched to a 2080 Super and been plain sailing ever since! It's a real shame, because I've been using AMD for GPU's for decades, but their performance and bugs just make it a bad experience. With the 2080 in my rig, the system is cooler, quieter for low stress games like Age of Empires 3/command & conquer, video encoding is faster and the drivers/software are better.
  3. I've run memtest this afternoon, which resulted in no issues found. Might try taking out the gpu and using onboard for a while to see it I can eliminate the card. Only did a fresh install about 2 weeks ago, so fairly certain it's not a windows error.
  4. Nothing that stands out as causing the crashes. This was the last one yesterday.
  5. Recently I've been experiencing random crashes, where one screen goes white and my second screen goes black, the only way to continue is to power off and back on again. I've removed and updated the graphic drivers and switched the DP cables around, still results in the same, switching the cables around still result in the same screen going white. When this happens I get no crash dump file, so cannot see what caused it, because it only happens once or twice a week it is difficult to pin down the cause. Has anyone experience the same or advise how I can track down the cause?
  6. Thanks, it was my second attempt at cable management (which i hate doing), here's the back. This was before the re-cable.
  7. Here's my current setup, still debating whether to add a PSU shroud or not. Really need the bottom fans to maintain positive airflow and low noise. Can't see it in the pic, but I added a 50mm fan to my bottom m.2 drive, due to the Evo 970 Plus running hot.
  8. Here's my current setup, just recently finished a complete new build with Maximus Hero X, i8700K, Strix Vega 64, plus lots of RGB, Previous Rig was a Sandy Bridge I built in 2011,
  9. The commander Pro has 2 RGB headers, plug the strips into one of them. The strips are daisiy chained, so connect in series, should come with extension cables as well. You'll only need the Lighting Node Pro if you add additional strips. For the lighting on the Fan to work, you'll need a Lighthing Hub (supports 6 fans), these usually come with the multi packs of fans. My setup is Commander Pro, 2 lighting node pros (both plugged into the Commander Pro), feeding 12 strips, 2 Lighting hubs feeding 9 ML Pro RGB's. The lighting hubs connect to usb headers, so I added a Thermaltake H200 to additional headers, as my motherboard only has 2 headers and I need headers, for my AIO, wifi card and front panel.