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  1. I’ve just returned from a break from folding due to moving, Christmas travel and a house that’s just a wee bit warm, and I come back to a bump of 30% ppd on the new core betas! Im stoked. Are we expecting more gains and streamlining from this core? Or is it pretty much just the same performance from a core from creation to decommission?
  2. ....and you have triple what I have for nearly the same period!
  3. Yeah I was just downsizing the image. Didn't realise how big the original pic was till I posted.
  4. Moved into my new place, finally back online and set up... sort of...
  5. I'm moving at present, so unless I tether my system to my mobile, I won't be crunching anything. Hopefully the fibre will be up tomorrow
  6. Yeah I must admit when I saw that, I thought surely that goes against the spirit of the event. For me at least, it seems like the emphasis should be on the number of people involved, rather than just big production numbers amongst the top producers (not that those people aren't amazing ). And anyone with an average gaming machine/GPU who commits to the event, should be in contention for at least the majority of the prize opportunities. These events should be about encouraging more people to take up folding, and maybe those people will go on to become some of the higher producers down the line.
  7. I checked your stats and you should qualify for a silver badge, which you can request anytime now on the 'F@H and BOINC Badge Request Thread'. As for the Folding month event badges, I'm not sure. I guess they'll be applied auto-magically sometime after the event.
  8. After 12 hours of observation, it looks like that did the trick. Thanks mate!
  9. I didn't have that set... No. Here's hoping that it fixes the problem! Thanks!
  10. My card is back to its old tricks again, falling off boost (down to 1500 MHz) whenever I open certain random programs (spotify etc), or even often when my monitor goes to sleep. Surely this is a simple setting somewhere? The second to last windows update seemed to fix it, now with the latest update it's back again
  11. @shaz2sxy, I intend to claw your imminent points lead back off you at some time in the future...
  12. Ahh, ok fair enough I was just basing it on my own card, which is a 1660 Ti Gaming OC, which actually comes in about 8w under TDP even when boosting (~112w (TDP = 120w))