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    Christchurch, New Zealand
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    Economics, Politics/Geopolitics, Technology, Reading.
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    Commerce/Political Science Student


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    Asus P8Z77-V
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    16 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3
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    Gigabyte 1660 Ti Gaming OC
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    Corsair Obsidian 650D
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    Corsair HX-650

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  1. First time I've snuck onto the top 20 board!
  2. mattheginger

    Need assistance

    Yeah I just noticed that and edited my post..
  3. mattheginger

    Need assistance

    It shouldn't be ram. I can get significantly better frames than he's getting, with a 1660 Ti and DDR3. EDIT: Wait... I just saw he's playing in 4K, so disregard my example. But I am still doubtful that it would be his ram, as 2400 mhz DDR4 should be fine.
  4. mattheginger

    Need assistance

    I figured that might be a typo due to the ram you listed.. It shouldn't be the CPU then. Have you tried doing a complete gpu driver wipe, then reinstall them?
  5. mattheginger

    VEGA 56 or similar nvidia for F@H

    My 1660 Ti usually gets around ~670k ppd without tuning, and all for sub-120 watts, whereas a Vega 56 will be producing very little extra ppd, but with a power draw (and heat) close to 200 watts!
  6. mattheginger

    Folding Community Board

    Well thanks for the advice, I didn't think to try that. All working now!
  7. mattheginger

    Folding Community Board

    I've woken up today to an update_core error, and no GPU folding. 0x21 core, and doesn't seem to matter which WU. I've tried deleting the work folder, then deleting the cores folder, then after no luck I reinstalled. Still no joy... Anybody else experienced this?
  8. mattheginger

    LTT Summer Folding Sprint to 10th

    That's toasty. I've got perfect folding weather tbh
  9. mattheginger

    Einstein@home won't add to BAM!

    So it it's finally worked @Gorgon... Seems as though it takes a fair old while from when you click the 'permission to export stats' checkbox (or whatever it's called), from the Einstein page, to when it actually allows the export. In this case about 4-5 days! Anyhoo... Done now
  10. Hey there, I've just passed the 25 million mark for folding. https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_summary.php?s=&u=816365 https://stats.foldingathome.org/donor/matkwhyte Thanks
  11. I've been trying for the last week or so to add Einstein@home to my projects on Boincstats, but to no avail thus far... I've changed the privacy settings in the Einstein website's settings to share the info, but it still won't add in the 'sign-up for projects' page on BAM. All my other projects added with no problems. Email addresses definitely match also. Anybody else have this problem?
  12. mattheginger

    Folding Community Board

    True dat
  13. mattheginger

    Folding Community Board

    Yeah I did contemplate raising or lowering the power usage, as that could potentially move it out of the coil frequency that is causing the resonance. But On the other hand, I'm also thinking that it really is also a 'fault', and I shouldn't really have to tolerate that on a brand new card.
  14. mattheginger

    Folding Community Board

    Do any of you folding folk get significant coil whine with your cards? My (one week old) 1660 Ti seems to have have pretty terrible whine with most WU's, so much so that I'm considering returning it. **posting this here, as opposed to the general hardware forums, as I figure folders are more likely to hear the whine running max load without headphones, game audio etc etc...
  15. mattheginger

    Folding Community Board

    So I tried the DDU Nvidia and AMD strategy, but no luck. Then I read that it should be done in safe mode... and bob's your uncle! Success! Up and running now