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About Gegger

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    low quality computer land
  • Interests
    lurking and stalking (/s) people
  • Biography
  • Occupation
    serial lurker


  • CPU
    phast intel celery
  • Motherboard
    dill stepmotherboard
  • RAM
    nothing that chrome can't fill up in 2 tabs
  • GPU
    basically a gt210
  • Case
    i don't fricken know
  • Storage
    worst san dick ssd that keeps slipping out
  • PSU
    ass use powar bricc
  • Display(s)
    dummy thiccc monitors
  • Cooling
    a MiG-25 Tumansky R-15 Turbojet Equivalent
  • Keyboard
    logitech mashing board
  • Mouse
    peta open up
  • Sound
    not much louder than the fan
  • Operating System
  • Laptop
    basically a really bad yoga book that can't do yoga

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  1. "so y'all flutes have the hardest marching part" ~band teacher


    all the flautists: proceeds to do it perfectly


    trumpets have easiest part, yet they somehow still manage to bash themselves in the face with their mouthpiece

    1. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss

      Go to bed, it's late somewhere.

    2. Gegger


      it's 11:21pm, i can't sleep