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  1. GuruOfNothing

    IP Address

    Adding to Donut's post, your cell phone GPS doesn't use the internet to get that. It uses a GPS card and cell tower triangulation. It will be really accurate and if your phone has Google crapware installed on it, Google will use that data as well for Geolocation, and not your internet info.
  2. GuruOfNothing

    Good Cheap 1u Server

    I bought an HP DL380 Gen7 FULLY loaded for $380 last year. There are lots of deals out there but the real catch is what you are trying to do with it. Servers are generally designed for power crunching data, not video encoding or NAS applications. They CAN be used that way but you need to know EXACTLY what you are setting it up for or you could end up buying hardware that just won't get you to the end result with a good outcome. Also, lots of them just don't allow you to add and subtract hardware at will like you can with a custom desktop build. Some have pretty proprietary stuff going on. My suggestion, as I just did this, is to buy yourself a NAS box for storage. I did a Synology 418play and dropped 4 10TB WD drives in there. Storage for days! Then, build a game server box with the parts that fit the outcome. I tried to combine storage and function and it became a nightmare. It's like buying Ferrari and letting it sit and idle in the driveway.
  3. Just busting your chops:-) I live in an area that has worse than crap internet and I have 30 TB of media I can't access unless I cart it around on a drive. It's just funny to hear someone looking for a solution to allow them untethered, cheap and simple streaming options when so many others can't get the weather without looking out the window to get it.LOL Wasn't intended to be mean or anything. I didn't realize how complicated my technologically powered life was until I move to a rural area that forced me to disconnect from the world in any fast way.
  4. A small external hard drive. Works even without internet!!! What has this world come to? Truly a first world country problem.
  5. GuruOfNothing

    Onboard IDE or seperate RAID card?

    Thank you for the detailed response. I did confirm that the system meets MINIMUM requirements but that is about it. I have been screwing around with it now for a couple hours and understand why reliability and stability is a thing. The manual on the MOBO says that 16 will work but in reality, 16 makes the system only see 4 and is only somewhat stable with 8. There is also something going on with the MOBO that makes it so it will freak out with more than one of the big drives connected. But by this point, it will work fine in the trash. I have finally convinced myself it is time to just pony up the cash and get a Synology or something like that and stop wasting time on hardware that is going to cause me grief. I have enough unstable lab boxes already to contend with The drives will go towards a real NAS. And yes, the drives do have the PWDis issue. Easily resolved.
  6. GuruOfNothing

    Onboard IDE or seperate RAID card?

    I have an old DELL Inspiron 570 that I am currently setting up to be a FreeNAS box. I know, it's not a screamer but I don't need one at this point... just a lab box. I have four matched, new, 10TB drives I want to put in it and I have been trying to decide if I should use the four IDE ports or whether I should get a RAID card to run the drives on. I have no idea what the difference would be or why to use a separate RAID card. Suggestions? I am going to put a total of 16G memory in there since that is the max it will take and I have a PCI-E gigabit NIC as well.
  7. GuruOfNothing

    Turn old watchguard into pfsense router

    SHS... Student Hardware Syndrome... that is what I call your current issue. Big dreams and no money. So been there. First of all, there is no such thing as a "cheap server". There is cheap hardware turned into a server but cheap is a relative term. The first common mistake made by individuals with SHS is that they want to take inexpensive hardware and create some sort of LAN to share gaming and media on. That means LOTS of bandwidth moving around and "cheap" hardware makes that horribly unstable. There is no substitute for good backbone when doing this kind of thing. pFSense will require a decent amount of CPU power if you are planning on cranking a lot of data through it since it has to process everything you whack at it. I would shy away from 32 bit processors for that reason unless it is just going to be you that is using the data pipe. A simple PC can do the job if you give it 4 MB of memory to work with and all you need is 2 ethernet ports... one WAN and one LAN. Add a switch to the LAN and you can have all the ethernet ports you want. Your LAN can be fast as hell and the pFSense box doesn't have to do the heavy lifting. I bought a used Dell x64 AMD computer for $50 and added a 2 port NIC. Installed x64 version of pFSense and it is stable as can be. Add on Snort and pFBlocker and you have whole home adblocking as well as intrusion detection. I am into that box about $63 US.
  8. GuruOfNothing

    Terminology needed... and maybe wifi assistance

    Well, not one of the routers are the same brand even so it's probably worth just dumping them and buying something newer and all 3 the same. I am talking just specifically "Access Points" though, correct? Since they don't have to do anything more than create wireless access at different locations? I know that 1 of them has A/P mode, the other 2 don't want to work well with others as they are designed as single device options. Now that I think of it, the DHCP thing on the third router may be what was jacking me up.... I couldn't get into the settings to actually turn that off. That was probably what was doing me dirty! I just disconnected the pFSense box at the same time because they both went into service within 24 hours of each other and I couldn't tell what was creating the issue.And I was tired. And bitchy. And not wanting to play anymore. So I guess I will put the firewall box back in service, make sure that is doing fine and then replace the router POS's and get matching A/P's. The firewall box does the DHCP and everything else will just play along. I statically assign EVERYTHING on the network for simplicity and use DHCP only for outside devices connecting through WiFi.
  9. This may be the dumbest thing I have ever asked but why not... Up until recently, on my network, I have had a couple wireless routers in place for wifi access in different areas of my property. To do so, I just took consumer grade gear... think Linksys home router with wifi... and connected the LAN cable into one of the LAN router ports. I didn't connect anything to the WAN port so bypassed all of the DHCP and firewalling guts. Everything I have connected gets its DHCP assignment from the gateway on the network through the LAN connectivity. I recently put a pFSense box in place and added another wifi point just like the other 2 and started having rediculous issues with connectivity, DNS and network speeds. Yeah, I know... too much crap in place and not the right configuration of that crap. Got it! I took the pFSense box back out of the loop and took the other router out as well. I am thinking that I am having double NAT issues? I don't exactly understand all of that. I know the third router (essentially a switch if the WAN part is out of the picture?) caused issues and that has to be replaced. I assume I need to just dump the 3 wifi routers and install A/P's instead?
  10. GuruOfNothing

    Router help, school

    So rules are not a thing, mean nothing and just are a waste. But a "crime" is something completely different? Wow. I don't know what schools are teaching these days but you are not learning it, whatever that is.
  11. GuruOfNothing

    Router help, school

    Jesus... so you view the risks of rule breaking by what the level of punishment is going to be? So what is the point of rules? Just something that only applies to the people that care? No wonder we have such a crime problem in our country. "I do what I want because I think the rules are stupid and shouldn't apply to me!" Stop working the f'ing system and grow up.
  12. GuruOfNothing

    Router help, school

    Even having this discussion is a violation of LTTF policy. In reality, you are not trying to do anything different than anybody else has already tried and the sysadmin there isn't stupid and has probably already put stuff into place to catch/stop what you are trying to do. Chances are, when you connect your equipment into their network, their system will see that what is being connected is actually a router and shut you out. Put tetherable data on your cell phone and focus on your studies. You are paying far too much for far too little and spending your free time trying to skirt the rules is truly a waste of your time.
  13. GuruOfNothing

    Improving Rural Internet Connection

    Being a rural dweller with cellular internet with stupid expensive costs and limits AND the as-well-mentioned Satellite internet service that makes me want to kill myself every time I have to use it because I can't cancel the contract without paying $800 to do so... for another year... I feel for you. But no amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth will ever get high speed anything out to your neighborhood. Being a HAM radio operator and knowing a little about radio signal propagation, I am gonna tell you that just because you might be able to get a LOS to the closer tower from a local hilltop does not mean you are going to get any better of a signal. Cell antenna arrays are designed to broadcast a specific pattern and being a stones throw from one just means that the signal is WAAAAAAAY over your head. That booming signal is going to go whacking into the hillside and some of it is going to be reflected causing a wonderful muddling of the existing signal and making the speed thing... well, still a thing. Not to mention, if you don't OWN the property you want to go trenching a line through, you are treading on legal ground that makes $800 look like a parking ticket expense. As I have found out, you have a couple options: The first was already mentioned... move to where high speed exists. The second is to try and find someone that IS LOS from you that has high speed and invest in a good set of Wireless Bridges... like ones from Engenious or Ubiquiti, and pay them for access to their high speed (which is against pretty much all internet providers EULA, BTW). The third is to convert your old computer to a media server and buy a crap ton of DVD's to rip. Because let's get real here... there is no such thing as fast, reliable internet in the sticks. I have been down this road and there were no other options for me. High speed is less than 2 miles away in a few directions and there is a nice set of fibre lines running literally 700' from my house but they are not broken for 6 miles either direction of me and I was told we could have high speed put into our "block" to feed the 7 houses in the area but it would cost us 125k to have the 'plant' as it's called installed... PLUS the monthly fees as usual. I can buy a metric crapton of cellular data for that kind of money. No wells can be drilled where we live due to water rights restrictions so there won't be any new developments making it worth building plant locally any year soon. So I wired up my property for high speed anyway and slog along with satellite trash. And a Plex media server and some 600+ dvd's.
  14. GuruOfNothing

    Storage for movies and TV shows?

    Go buy a 10TB WD Easystore drive from Best Buy (which is a WD Red drive, probably white labelled) and either use that as an external media storage drive or shuck it and install it in your box. Plex Media Server is a great way to go for streaming to anything in your house. I have an old Dell Inspiron 570 with a 500G drive for the OS and a 10TB drive to store the some 600 discs worth of media I own, mounted in the box. I bought a second matching 10TB drive that has a current backup of the media drive and it is unplugged and stored away for safe keeping.
  15. GuruOfNothing

    Blocking internet access for just one device.

    I am pretty sure the answer is in the question. And the question used the word Google in it. So, probably no. The bridge and the fixture connect together internally but for the Home to work, it wants mother Google to instruct it... hence the ability to access it from a mobile device... anywhere. And if mother Google doesn't have the right to reach it's unit, you are not going to be able to control anything using it. Very little these days will work without being able to connect to a server somewhere.