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  1. Thanks u guys, I have decided to sell my 750ti for a guy want a cheap GPU. Thanks you guys again!
  2. My PC have 2 GPU, the main one is the GTX 1660S, the second one is the GTX 750ti. Can I configure so that I can game on the 1660S and stream with the 750ti. Thanks.
  3. I still getting 90fps+ in csgo so maybe it's not to old :))
  4. thanks, I've tried MSI After burner but it's not allow me to change the clock speed. But I haven't tried the Asus Tweak
  5. So I've a Dell Precision M6700 I7 3740QM / RAM 8GB / SSD 120GB + HDD 500GB/ VGA : NVIDIA QUADRO K4000M I used to game on this machine a while ago, but it's getting slower recently, so I want to overclock the GPU, can anyone provide me a solution to this, I see the potential in this GPU, thanks everyone.
  6. yeah I think the same, but maybe who know.
  7. Because my đeicated GPU not that powerful so I want to use the iGpu for stream encode, but maybe not in this case, thanks btw
  8. it's could be a virus that stay inside the the file, just my thought.
  9. I can not fine the iGPU in device manager, so I try to install new driver but it keep pop-uo that may laptop is not compatible, I haven't check the BIOS yet, thanks for the advice!
  10. I have a Dell M6700, I want to run the VGA for game and the Intel HD Graphic for obs but the intergrated graphic does nots show up, when I try to install driver for it the driver can not be intall. Anyone can help? Thanks