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    Ryzen 5 1600 ------> Ryzen 7 2700x
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    2x8gb HyperX predator 3200mhz ram---> 3000mhz AEGIS 3000mhz(Downgrade :( so my fuma could fit in my core v1)
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    ZOTAC GTX 1070 TI
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    DiyPC tg8-----> Thermaltake Core v1
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    2.5" 500gb samsung ssd
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    Scythe Fuma Rev B.
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    Logitech g610
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    Logitech g903
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    Windows 10
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  1. So, my friend is perfectly content with his system specification wise and performance wise, but his system keeps crashing and it has been troubleshooted to be caused by the motherboard. I'm searching ebay for motherboards and what not but it's very hard to find a B250 or Z270 motherboard that is not completely overpriced. The only one I have found is this one, but it claims to be a "mining motherboard." and i'm not sure if it will perform well when gaming.
  2. I see, I guess I will just stick to Moca then.
  3. im not planning on adding more than 2 devices, so should I still go MoCA? I dont understand the premise of Cate5/6 as I can't run long cables through my walls without it being insanely hard.
  4. Okay, so I tried using power line adapters and those failed miserably, they kept causing my CAFCI breakers to trip constantly and I could not find a solution to it for the life of me. Someone recommended to me MOCA adapters to get Ethernet speeds, however. The problem is the price. These cost about $170 and after wasting $110 on powerline adapters that netgear refuses to refund me on, I'm really not looking forward to paying that. I found these that look pretty similar to the moca adapters that were reccomended and am wondering whether or not they will suffice, if they will do the same as powerline adapters and trip my breakers, and if they will give similar speeds to wifi.
  5. Could I get a link please? I cant find it
  6. I guess I'll have to start saving for the coax moca 2.0 adapter then. I've seen them online before and they seem pretty good, but sadly I'll have to go back to my subpar wifi connection until I can afford them.
  7. I've noticed that recently my NEATGEAR 2000mbps powerline adapters have been causing my CAFCI breakers to trip after around 5-6 hours of use. I've tried to return them and I even got some TP LINK ones on amazon- same result. I'm just wondering if there is anyway to fix this except for going for the traditional ethernet cable running throughout my house?
  8. I mean, just using the top m.2 slot seems to be fine. SSD still runs cool and speeds remain fast
  9. Sorry, no, I'm using 1909. One weird thing that I noticed is that the problems seem to seize when I use to the top M.2 Slot, however, this slot lacks a heatsink on my motherboard(z390 MPG PRO CARBON AC from MSI) Any explanation for that?
  10. Yes, and I'm using the latest windows version
  11. So, I discovered an odd problem where, despite being on a z390 chipset, my 970 evo is causing my gpu to crash my system when running at x16 speeds. When my GPU runs at x8 speeds, the system runs perfectly fine. No weird crashes or anything. When it run at x16 however, my windows almost runs at 1 fps. It's insanely unresponsive and it usually ends in a crash(no BSOD however.) I just find it very strange that my GPU has to reduce the PCIE lanes in order to work with the 970 evo. Could it maybe be the motherboard or bent cpu pins? I just don't 100% understand the issue. When I unplug the 970 evo from my system and run windows on my 860 evo, it works perfectly fine at x16.
  12. It's flush alright. Also, the 1.1 isnt that normal. Because in GPUZ it shows the max bandwidth usually being x16 3.0, but this time it also showed it being x16 1.1 and when I put a load on it, it remained there
  13. So, recently I noticed that my GPU is running at x8 3.0. Which is odd because previously it had been running at x16 3.0 but now it currently is not. I've tried Reseating GPU Updating Windows Checking CPU for bent pins Trying different GPU slots Updating BIOS(this one was a bit weird though, keep reading) Trying a different GPU Cleaning the slot Okay, regarding the BIOS i noticed something rather odd, when I updated the bios, it said that the slot was running at x16 in the bios configuration, when I went into windows it said the same, GPU running at x16(But it was running at 1.1, no matter what load I had put on it). But when I had restarted the pc, all the sudden it is running at x8 3.0 once again. Is there any logical reason behind this? I almost think that it's an ill manufactured bios. SPECS I9 9900k MSI MPG z390 GAMING PRO CARBON AC RTX 2080 ZOTAC AMP RM850x 32gb of Corsair Vengeance RGB ram 1 TB 970 EVO & 1 TB 860 EVO