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  1. LightParticle

    HDD > SSD Migration Tool

    Hello, I'v recently purchased SSD disk and want to migrate from HDD on my old notebook to the new SSD disk. This computer need me only for office tasks, so I think I don't need HDD in this case at all. So I want to just change my 2.5" ich HDD, to the new 2.5" disk SSD. I guess I can plug in any storage device to the 2.5" port? Because my notebook has been released way before SSD came in to the market. But anyway, my main question is about migration tool. I've watched a couple video on youtube about SSD's, and youtubers did comparison beween SSD's migration tools. I mean manufacturer's official migration software. Does it neccessary need to use manufacturer's migration tool's (like Samsung's or whatever), or I can use 3rd part software to migrate to any kind of SSD? I mean toolks like Paragon Migrate OS or any other migration tool what you could on Google's first pages?
  2. LightParticle

    Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?

    Well, maybe in terms of price perspective is for "poor" people but thank god he did not said it's for "cheap" people...
  3. LightParticle

    Samsung DDR4 chips comparison. TB1/CB2

    Ok , thanks. They are nice . Really liked this Gigabyte B450 Elite , it have a reasonable price and good feedbacks. But their like.. gaming mobo's. So they are like shining and coloring, but my case is non-transparent side, and most ot the time it just will be used for home work station.
  4. LightParticle

    Samsung DDR4 chips comparison. TB1/CB2

    Ok, that's nice. Not more than ASUS TUF B450 offering. So I think it's in range of 80 to 130$. But I do not have plans to push processor/ram to their limits, just nice smooth hobbier overclocking. So maybe ASRock B450 Pro4 is not very bad choice for me, but its cost 90$+ in my local store.
  5. LightParticle

    Samsung DDR4 chips comparison. TB1/CB2

    I do not want to get exact Samsung B-Die, I just heard Samsung mostly time don't have a compatibility problem. And OEM version of RAM gives you a good deal and reason to buy. Well, actually, first mobo which was on my list was ASRock B450 Pro4, but on some tech. forum exp. members adviced me this Asus TUF B450-Pro for overclocking and other stuff.
  6. Hello, I'm looking for Samsung 8gb 2666Mhz memory RAM. I have in my local store two RAM with the same specs: 2666Mhz, DDR4 Samsug. But there is a difference in model number. There it is: M378A1K43CB2-CRC M378A1G43TB1-CTDD0 So as I know CB2 is C-Die chip Single Rank, and the 2nd one is T-Die (I guess?.. 'cuz Ive never seen on review on this RAM because it's relativley new) Dual Rank. My config is Ryzen 5 2600 on ASUS TUF B450. What should I buy? First is little more expensive, but TB1 is Dual Rank and it have nice reviews for Ryzen. What you would recommend to buy? My Overclocking plan is frequency not a higher than 3K Mhz.
  7. Well, do you mean, do I have a fan on the front and in the back? yes. I am just not sure how the air flow will goes with cooler which really close to the side of the case.
  8. I have a case in my mind which I want to pick up. But there is a problem, it have not much space for processor cooler. Specs give info about 155mm. So what cooler I have it have a really tiny narrow space not more than 5mm between side of the case and cooler processor. Does it affects the cooling?
  9. LightParticle

    600Wt PSU but efficient on low-level wattage

    It have really low-wattage efficiency 90%+. But I checked it reviews for this PSU and people are yelling off on short life of this PSU
  10. I'm looking for monitor like this one ASUS VX279HG. It says have 72% of NTSC, but does not sRGB. Is there a reason I need to worry about? Does it affect image for non-pro using?
  11. LightParticle

    Does Philips still make quality monitors?

    So what is the major difference between TV and Monitor? Maybe we should buy TV's and plug this stuff to PC?
  12. LightParticle

    Does Philips still make quality monitors?

    I been asking about monitor choosing in my country local IT forums about Philips monitors. And all three times I get answer like this: is it true? false? As I know Phillips earlier was really good companies with high quality productions. Now its not?
  13. LightParticle

    600Wt PSU but efficient on low-level wattage

    Сouple words on your signature - be quiet!'s online calcuator. He is calculating more closely to real numbers, but anyway this site anyway recommends PSU with more wattage capacity then is your maximum requirment. So for example for 413 Wt maximum , calculator recommend 550Wt PSU (75% load), and for 450Wt PSU it shows red, like dangerous, progressbar at 92%. So anyways it pushes, at least psychologically, you to buy +150-250Wt more PSU anyhow.
  14. LightParticle

    600Wt PSU but efficient on low-level wattage

    IDK. Probably I will buy any ~500W with a good deal (quality/price) as channel TechDeals recommends do
  15. LightParticle

    600Wt PSU but efficient on low-level wattage

    After some Googling time, i find out information like this: 650Wt (seasonic) efficiency at 80Wt is about 91-93% 400Wt (be quiet!) efficiency at 80Wt is about 85-87% So, statement about higher efficiency on low-usage for PSU with small capacity is not actually true. It depends on PSU model, I guess. Just for the record, first one is Titanium, second one is Bronze. But I think Gold would be not much better at 80Wt consumption than Bronze. My conclusion Titanium it's just like an exceptional PSU unit's with great specs ony like any level.