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  1. I remember watching the review of this, Its very cool.ı don't quite understand the technology behind it but it is something else, i give you that. If i got this i can finally have the entertainment setup on living room that i want. Thank you Ltt and Lg .
  2. I have 3 mice in my home . 1st is 5 years old, wireless, battery hungry laptop mouse. 2nd is my recently deceased g500. and my current mouse is... 'drumroll' ... frisby gmx8 ... Urrrrgg after my g500, i lost so many cs go matches i sweared never to play without a "proper" mouse. So please , just this one, pick me ...
  3. Vessel username : cloudiuss https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY
  4. My name is Bulut which means cloud in english , it's been so long i've been using it i don't know where the "-ius" part came along . Maybe i was watching The Gladiator or something
  5. He did a video about that a month ago ; not bad temps could be better with some diy action on the cpu
  6. Fantastic giveaway ,so excited for results.
  7. World of warcraft with 3000+ hours . Man i'm glad i quit. Only campaign from then , some co-op but never mmorpg . Never!!!
  8. I don't think this counts as a horror story but marely a "c'mon,seriously ?" story. So i had an old pc that i brought it to the shop for cleaning purposes. The guy opened the case,pulled some cables,took out the graphics card and ram and so on. Then in the middle of the cleaning, he was cleaning the ram with some rubbery,play-dohy stuff . I didn't (still don't) know what it was , so i've asked.I suppose i asked with some excitement or something.What i was curious.Anyways, he said (with a quite straight face) ; "Oh crap.I deleted everything on your computer." . I stood there with a blank face ,dropped eyelids and an open mouth until he finished .