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  1. We're kind've holding out for that as a last resort, we don't exactly trust them to actually open it in a different browser if prompted ? Or alternatively placing shortcuts to the given websites to open with specific browsers (but that still wouldn't stop them if they were to navigate to it while already in the browser)
  2. We have some internal systems which only work on Google Chrome and some systems which only work on Internet Explorer. Is there an automated way to bounce users over to the appropriate browser when needed? This is in a business setting where we feasibly have access to roll out changes to users' machines. I'm aware there are ways to do this by adding a custom protocol but that requires clicking on a link using that protocol. Trying to remove any possibility of the user going to a website in an incompatible browser.
  3. Additionally, if there wouldn't be many items per user, you can embed the Items into the User documents. I don't know the scenario but that is an option Denormalisation with mongo is actually encouraged
  4. While it's true I/O is expensive, NodeJS uses a dedicated thread for I/O operations, and MongoDB is hella fast. My gut feeling is it could have something to do with how the connection is managed? MongoDB wants to initialise the connection once at app startup and have you reuse the same db object. Behind the scenes are you opening/closing connections for each request? (For this scenario with users speed-wise I would definitely choose $in over running individual queries but I didn't want to fundamentally change the way you do your code )
  5. I was thinking of something a bit more like this: let promiseList = [] items.forEach((item) => { promiseList.push(User.findOne({_id: item._userId})); }) let userList = await Promise.all(promiseList); for (let i = 0; i < items.length; i++) { let current_item = items[i]; let current_item_user = userList.find(user => user._id === current_item._userId); /// Rest of code here }
  6. Have you tried it? Currently it's effectively running synchronously where it must wait for the given iteration's query to finish before, it looks like you could fire off a lot of requests at the same time and then wait at the end of that loop for the results. Failing that you could use mongo's $in statement with something like let userIds = items.map(i => i._userId); let users = await User.find({ _id: { $in: userIds } });
  7. let current_item_user = await User.findOne({_id: current_item._userId}); Couldn't you restructure your code so instead of awaiting on each iteration you create an array outside the loop, populate the array with promises and then await with Promise.all and iterate over all the responses? Edit: Just saw your post mariushm, just realised I said the same thing as you lol
  8. If you want another alternative to try, you can do this with pure javascript. var startTrack = new Audio("Start.mp3"); startTrack.play().then(function () { //Do whatever you want after the track starts playing });
  9. As per title, would be cool to get a referral if possible, would be nice to have that friendship bracelet to start off with
  10. If I may be so pedantic, there is a category for worst computer; ergo, you don't really need to have the worst computer ever as long as it's the best overall video or best international candidate And I shall look on this post as the one that got me banned for being annoying ?
  11. Not to sound salty or anything but I hope whoever wins actually has a bad PC that needs replacing xP As opposed to someone who picked out an old PC for the sake of the video x]
  12. Anyone else get a sort've 'ghost message' notification here on the forums? I was like, "NEW PM ON FORUMS!! :O" And then there was nothing there.........lol Aw man......someone had to look at the cringe video I made :'D
  13. I'm imagining an all-hands-on-deck scenario. 23 people total listed here https://www.linusmediagroup.com/ Though I imagine not eeeeveryone will be reviewing the videos
  14. I finally entered :') ..........I feel so cringe about my video