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  1. I usually use Loudness Equalisation when listening to anything but music. From what I can tell, external sound cards don't have the option, are there any that offer software control or anthing? BTW I'm planning to get Audio Technica M50x headphones, hence the upgrade from onboard audio.
  2. It's not my headphones, they work fine on my phone. It's not the sound levels being unbalanced in either the media player, nor in Windows. Is this a hardware issue? Tried re-installing Realtek audio drivers, still nothing. Unplugged the HD Audio connector and replugged. Works fine now.
  3. I'm noticing that my PC is stuttering quite badly. I'm running a 6700k. For example, if I'm playing a YouTube video, and go switch to Premiere Pro, it'll start stuttering for a second or two, then fine, until I go do something else. I used to be able to render a video while having smooth playback. I'm not sure what could be the cause of this.
  4. Just saw this randomly on FB marketplace. Had to do a double take. ?
  5. I've seen this symbol on various devices, and was wondering what it refers to? [Highlighted in yellow]
  6. Running 1.2v 4.1Ghz all cores. 212 evo with Noctua F12 @1000rpm. To me it seems a little high, considering the 20C ambient.
  7. Alright thanks everyone. Looks like I'll have to cut off the 25mm fan frame and use extra strong double sided tape. Thanks again!
  8. Bit of a wierd question, I know. I got a new GPU. The fans are pretty slim (about 15mm) and was looking to replace them with 25mm ones. So is the spacing standardized?
  9. make sure the heatsink is secured screwed in. If it doesn't make tight contact, it'll overheat.
  10. Is a WD Green drive. Typical desktop hard drive. Mabye a nasty SATA data cable is the problem. Other than that, I can't think.
  11. So I can imagine just laying the computer on it's side so the IHS doesn't slide around and just mounting the cooler as normal. Is this a bad idea?
  12. Yeah I'd say so. The 1080 Ti might be worth it, for a little more future proofing.