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  1. Okay anyway im buying i5 9400f , 8gb 3200 mhz ram and maybe rx vega 56 in september so i'll see about new amd gpus
  2. Title says it all + 8gb 3200mhz ram is it enough for 1440p gaming in like hunt showdown, rainbow six siege, cyberpunk 2077 medium-high settings
  3. GTX Titan 6gb for 220 dollars but I won't be only playing games or GTX 1060 6gb for 200 dollars?
  4. go to device manager and go to procesors and uninstall every core and then when you uninstall last one click reboot pc hope that works
  5. maybe try reinstalling whole windows and installing drivers all over again?
  6. I fixed it and i got my 2 cores back, and what about gpu why do i have 40 fps lower?
  7. it didnt work, i tried in device manager to uninstall like procesor but not worked idk what to do that usually worked
  8. lol u are dumb i said i suddenly have 2 cores instead of 4 ..
  9. and now i found out my cpu has 2 cores instead of 4 wtf
  10. Today I launched rainbow six siege on max settings as I usually do with r9 380x {1100,1600 mhz} and i5 750 4 ghz and i get below 60 fps I get around 40-50, maybe it's because of my gpu and I don't know how to solve it
  11. but 980 is better than r9 380x right? And its stronger than 1050 ti and 1060
  12. well it costs fucking 500 euros in my country, and btw 980 is superclocked
  13. well amd cards are hotter and drivers are fucked up for me with amd
  14. So i found a guy that wants rx 580 4gb for his gtx 980 4gb evga, is it worth it?