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    small time IT-hero


  • CPU
    2700x with Cryorig H7
  • Motherboard
    msi b450m gaming plus
  • RAM
    G.skill Ripjaws v 2x8 3200
  • GPU
    Gigabyte windforce OC 2080
  • Case
    NZXT H500
  • Storage
    2x PNY CS900 500GB
    1x Samsung evo 970 plus 1TB
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    Corsair RM750x
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    Lenovo Legion Y27gq-25 27 1440p 240Hz G-sync ultimate
    Lenovo Think vision P27q-10 1080p 60Hz
    HP Omen 27 1440p 144Hz G-sync copmatible
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    Razer black widow chroma going strong for almost 6 years (or more)
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    Razer lancehead TE
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    Hyperx cloud flight
    Corsair void pro (old/reserve)
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    MM Vision GTX960m i7-something 500Gb storage and a dirty screen with 60% of the keyboard that doesn't work.

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  1. okay. in normal esports titles the 2070 can easily take 200+ fps in many of them on 1440p. Personally i don't see a good reason to get a 1440p monitor with 144Hz only to play the games on normal/high and less than 100 fps i'd suggest just keeping the 1080p monitors and put the settings to ultra and use the full potential of the 144Hz. But maybe this one could be a good one if you do go with a 1440p https://www.amazon.com/AOC-CQ27G1-DisplayPort-adjustable-Zero-Bright/dp/B07V39QHMY/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=1440p+144hz+monitor&qid=1580828154&refinements=p_89%3AAOC&sr=8-3 (mine says 100$ shipping since it's from amazon us and i'm in northern europe) It's a VA panel and it's different from IPS panels so if possible check out some VA panels IRL first to see if the difference in panel is an issue for you.
  2. nope. look at what Princess Luna posted above (or look at this fancy quote)
  3. i've got two 1440p monitors and a 1080p monitor hooked up to my 2080. i play everything on ultra but new AAA games without RTX is starting to hit the 120-150FPS range. Having 3 monitors does take an extra toll on the card (not much since it's just used for discord but still noteworthy). so depending on the refreshrate on your monitor and what settings you want to play on you might not get the full 144Hz.
  4. i used to have my steam and my os on one 500GB folder and my battle.net/other games, on my other 500GB drive (both are SSD's) and i didn't have any problems with it other than the one time i accidentally overfilled the drive.
  5. what GPU are you interested in upgrading to?
  6. well you can't please the investors if noone is buying your stuff and unless you've got "status" like Iphones (just an example no need to start attacking)
  7. could it be in the tv settings? maybe it's capped at 30Hz. I think some tv's had that where they could do 4k @ 60 Hz but it was set to 30 from stock because tearing or ghosting becomes visible at 60. EDIT: The comment below makes more sense but still leaving this just in case.
  8. okay just wanted to make sure that you meant the 2070 super
  9. maybe your motherboard doesn't like the xmp profile? or is it the premade one
  10. please note that it was a 2070 super that was suggested. there is a big difference between the 2070 and the 2070 super
  11. doubt it can play it very well. but i can't find any proer benchmarks on it.
  12. personally i'm using a b450m (small version) with a 2700x and a 2080. And unless you need pcie gen 4 or a bigger cpu soon then the b450 will work fine. the 2070 suggested above is going to be at almost the same performance as my 2080 but your cpu is going to handle games like csgo a lot better than mine (i'm pretty sure it will) though i've never heard about sillicon power, so i can't give an opinion on that one. I myself own the 970 evo plus and yes it feels nice starting windows fast and games but it's like buying 3 types of the same car because every wednesday and saturday i want my car to be a different colour. (It's nice to have if you have the money for it but it's not something that should have priority). maybe theese numbers can help a little, but i'd suggest checking some benchmarks (youtube has many) with the 3600 and 2060s/2070s so it's not just me listing numbers from months ago. in the new COD with everything on ultra and rtx on ultra aswell i get 120-140 FPS on 1440p. league of legends i'm capping it at 240 (since my main monitor is 240Hz) csgo i'm having some wierd issues and i'm only getting 120-140 fps for some reason, since i added my third monitor that is, Prior to that i had 300+ R6 i had above 140 with everything on high/ultra (i'm not certain on the fps in this one since it's been a while since i played it) when anthem launched i played it with everything on ultra (one of the most demanding games i've played) and got 90-120 fps. The newest battlefield game with rtx on ultra gave me 90-100 fps and with rtx off i got 140-150.
  13. the evo is priced higher than many other ssd's and you can find an intel 660p or a crucial m.2 for 40$ less if you want (not sure if it's 40$ exactly you can save as i don't have the prices in my head and i use a different currency). That saved money could be spent on some faster ram but otherwise i'd say you've made a nice build, though triple a titles at 1440p might struggle to reach 144 fps at ultra/high settings. But the esports titles you're good to go
  14. i'd suggest going with the recommendation above. "risking" your stuff like that seems (IMO) kind of dumb since it will only be one or two days of the pc being off whilst you get the parts to clean it properly.
  15. then welcome and enjoy your stay