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  1. Nah I don't think they can but I what I'm hoping is someone can point me in the right direction! The role is actually a casual role as an IT assistant (not specialist) and these things listed are desirable knowledge and not prerequisites per say. What I'm trying to say is that I'm quite new in the area of it all but am eager to learn and am hoping for someone to help me get started
  2. awesome very helpful I'll for sure do some more research thanks!
  3. It's not a career it's for a casual job as an IT assistant but thanks for your advice
  4. I'm going for an IT job with minimum to no experience in IT. I have knowledge in basic stuff but need to know about: General troubleshootinng with macOS iOS, tvOS Understanding of voIP phone systems i.e. Cisco call manager Understanding of Windows Server environment i.e. Active Directory Understanding of Linux environments (highly desirable) If someone coudld give me a crash course or even just link a couple of videos or things to read so I can learn a bit? Would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Nah it doesn't have it either . Perhaps the argb wasn't popular enough when these boards were coming out
  6. I had a look at those and they all have just 12v rgb headers
  7. Are there any boards such as z270 chipset that have a 5v argb header instead of or as well as the 12v header found on many?
  8. I've found out what you mean now and it actually helps a lot so thanks!
  9. tried it but still isn't working ://// it seems like it's switching off the headphones all together almost (isn't a battery as it's only just been recharged) I only just got these the other day and they've working up until now
  10. tried it on the computer but didn't work unfortunately unless I'm doing something wrong...I switched the output to something (not the headset)
  11. Nah just one at a time I've retried on my phone and its working phone so it must just be windows be ass :///
  12. Im using windows but also android for my phones when the same thing happens i'll try the disable headset thanks
  13. I recently bought the Edifier W800BT bluetooth headphones which i was very happy with (especially at the price point). But the happiness was short lived as I now can a very strange error that I have not been able to fix....I have no trouble connecting the bluetooth, it connects straight away with no trouble. However, when I try to listen to anything, no sounds will play (except for system sounds for some reason) and after not hearing anything for about 15 seconds the headphones will automatically disconnect themselves and refuse to reconnect until I restart them. Can this be fixed? or is it mo
  14. Similar. But I'm looking for a hub I can control with software (such as aura) without having to plug into an rgb header on the motherboard