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  1. Now, if we could also ban corporations from mining consumer data as well.
  2. I have a 3 day assault bag, but it's currently used to house my Area-51m.....
  3. I think you mean you want to save money (being cheap and saving money are different :P)
  4. I need to overhaul my condo like that
  5. Status update: DId I miss something? Is this not a free forum for discussion, which has a set of rules decided upon by those who set up and moderate said forum for us to use for free? Are moderators not a volunteer position? Would that not make complaining about said free forum for relatively open discussion be a bit, selfish/rude/self centered?
  6. 4 computers = 4 users = 4 steam accounts = 4 legitimate copies of the game
  7. THIS....I can't THIS!!!! enough. Get a clean ISO from the official Microsoft website, and use that to reinstall.
  8. Reinstall the OS, do not install any non kosher software. See if that works. If that doesn't do it, and you are using spinning media............boot sector virus?
  9. I can attest you can cook eggs and even a thinly sliced steak on the hood of a black car that has been sitting outside in the south texas summer sun. Just, steriize said hood first if you plan on eating it. Now im tempted to make some sort of massive copper passive sink that has a small frying pan on top for a threadripper, OC it, and see if I can cook something lol
  10. Im (not) speechless at what people are "shocked" over these days. Welcome to the net. Don't turn off your adult filters......more shocking awaits