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  1. Rely on computers to write papers and such is a big concern in our household. Our daughter must write all her drafts by hand, for this reason. We also do not allow abbreviations and text slang, when she texts people. We have turned off autopredit and spellcheck. She is a good person. We snoop her text messages to make sure she abides by these rules
  2. My daughter is in fifth grade. They have had iPads since kindergarten. MacBooks were issued in fifth grade. All of her assignments are online. If she forgets her spelling list, it is online - no excuses. My child is is preparing for the real world. She wants to be a programmer. She knows basic Java and can create large websites in Dreamweaver. Knowing how to operate technology is the greatest tool. It expands your learning resources.
  3. Baymax

    Looking for Specific Case Fan

    Cooler Master confirmed it is also super rare lol. They can’t help me.
  4. Baymax

    (US) Sapphire Nitro+ Vega 56 449.99 Amazon

    ^ This! I just bought two. I may buy a third for shiz and giggles.
  5. Baymax

    Looking for Specific Case Fan

    Thanks I appreciate the link. Those are definitely garbage looking fans, and why they are only red or blue is ridiculous. These fans I want look a lot better. Newegg has their 120mm air balance RGB fans for like $6 USD after rebate. However, I’m kinda annoyed about this so I’ll likely jump ship to Corsair, if they can’t accommodate my request for these fans via ticket, lol like they care.
  6. Baymax

    Let’s Play a Game...AMD 3 Game Bundle

    It’s an AMD Rewards code. They are bundled with graphic cards. Therefore, AMD will verify you have one of the above mentioned GPUs installed before allowing redemption. Whew
  7. Baymax

    Let’s Play a Game...AMD 3 Game Bundle

    Code is back up for redemption. Same rule applies - write ‘Mine’. You need to have one of the GPUs listed above to redeem.
  8. Baymax

    Looking for Specific Case Fan

    Lmao, that’s hilarious. I submitted a ticket. Hopefully they come through, but let’s be real. I offered to buy more to make it worth their time.
  9. I have an AMD digital code for the following games. You need a Vega, RX570 or 580 to redeem it. Assasin’s Creed Odyssey Strange Brigade Star Control First person to post ‘Mine’ can have it for free.
  10. I bought the CoolerMaster K500 case. It came with two completely clear (bracket mounts included) RGB fans. The model number is DF120241RFMN. I’m literally a Google Ninja. I have been to the end of the internet. I can’t find this fan. I’d rather just get one to add, rather than buying 3 news ones with black brackets. Can anyone assist? If you pulled your K500 front fans, I’ll buy them from you or even give you some game codes.
  11. Baymax

    First Build Guidance

    I have finished the build. The 24” ViewSonic 144hz FreeSync monitor is coming today. I figure I’ll wait for that to arrive before booting it up, and hopefully everything goes well. Probably should have booted it sooner but whatever. Everything look good? I have a 5 way RGB splitter attached to the header, hopefully that doesn’t present a problem.
  12. Baymax

    Tightness of Cooler Screws

    Alright so I have installed the stock cooler on my 2600x. First time installing a CPU and cooler. There are these washers that are not making any contact. Is this an issue? I can see the screws in the back plate and can lift this board up. I was concerned I over torqued it, but seeing these washers now has me puzzled. Additionally, I’m not installing an M2. Do I remove this plastic film. Manual says before installing. I’m not so I fear melting risk. Remove it?
  13. Actually credit cards are more secure than debit cards, in regards to consumer protection. You don’t always have the right to chargeback on a debit card. If you do, then sometimes it is restricted to a specified radius of miles. No company can profit from fraud. However, debit card terms are very specific. Amex you can file a dispute up to 6 months. Discover can can allow up to six months. Visa/MasterCard is 4 months. Your debit card 30-90 days. However, certain chargeback codes have different timeframes. Can you tell I work in the industry?
  14. Baymax

    PayPal Forcing Me To Enter SSN?

    You can thank your government for the Patriot Act - KYC. Financial institutions and payment processors are required to verify your identity. This is legit.
  15. I figured. I’m just being a spaz. It does look tight in there. I just needed some reassurance. It’s been purchased. Thanks.