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    Belgium, Louvain
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    I am here to learn, correct me if im wrong please.


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    2 x 8GB Crucial DDR4 2666MHz
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    Thermal Take Supressor F31
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    860 EVO M.2 250GB | Some HHDs
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    Corsair RM650x
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    MSI 27" 1080p Curved 144Hz | LG 24" 1080p
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    Corsair H115i PRO PLATINUM
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    Razer Naga
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    Razer Kraken 7.1 RGB
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    Windows 10

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  1. BelgianNoise

    HD graphics vs dedicated gpu

    If you have this problem on an MSI gaming laptop: look no further! Its just some stupid internal thing. The HDMI just can't be used with the 1050TI (in my case). Its just something you can't fix. Never buying MSI again. i knew there had to be a catch for that price.
  2. BelgianNoise

    HD graphics vs dedicated gpu

    Well i think it has something to do with the extra monitor. Playing on the laptop screen itself is very smooth
  3. BelgianNoise

    HD graphics vs dedicated gpu

    "I already went into the Nvidia controlpanel and made sure my games use the dedicated GPU." I already tried that
  4. BelgianNoise

    HD graphics vs dedicated gpu

    extra info: the 100% on the 1050 in the pic is a peek which occurs every time i open or exit the game
  5. BelgianNoise

    HD graphics vs dedicated gpu

    Setup: laptop with 7700HQ + 1050 TI + 1 extra 1080p monitor I have got this laptop for a year now and it is starting to bother me how low frame rates im getting. So i decided to look into taskmanager to see what was going on. This is while playing rocket league Why am i not getting playable framerates? not at 1080 nor 720. i can really see the frames so i am guessing like 15-20fps in 1080p I already went into the Nvidia controlpanel and made sure my games use the dedicated GPU. While in game the integrated graphics rise up to 80-90% and the GPU stays at 30% with 0.4GB VRAM used. Is there anything i can do to fix this ? under normal load (like at this moment) my HD graphics are active at like 50% which is normal i guess. I dont know if that is helpfull information.
  6. BelgianNoise

    Dead board or BIOS update needed.

    I dont have the board yet. But incompatible bios version should also give me a beep boop code ? If so, thats epic, i didnt know. I know more recent intel board allow you to flash bios without cpu installed. Would this be the case for this one? Its a msi z77. I dont have more info, it was only 5€ so i didnt bother asking.
  7. I bought a second hand Z77 board which I will be trying out. The guy said it ran a 2600k and i have a working 3350P. If the system doesnt post, is there a way for me to see wether its the bios or if its just dead (besides trying to update the bios tho). Hope I am somewhat making sense with my words
  8. BelgianNoise

    1x 4.0GHz vs 2x 2.0GHz

    nono dont worry
  9. BelgianNoise

    1x 4.0GHz vs 2x 2.0GHz

    what if we say that the test software uses anything that available. i think it is selfexplainatory that 2x2.66 beats a 3.8, no ?
  10. BelgianNoise

    1x 4.0GHz vs 2x 2.0GHz

    i will be watching this in the evening . thanks
  11. Considering all are the same kind of cores. Does a 1 core 4GHz perform as good as a dual core 2GHz? My brain tells me the dual core is better. But in a way I want to believe it isnt. Im also thinking about cpu scheduling, I have no clue if this even had effect on the CPU, even just a tiny bit. Please bless me with your knowledge and thoughts
  12. BelgianNoise

    Is AIO cooling for cpu safe?

    An AIO should not leak. The chances are small.
  13. BelgianNoise

    Bumper Case for Galaxy S8

    Just ordered it. Thanks
  14. BelgianNoise

    Bumper Case for Galaxy S8

    Ive been using the dbrand grip 1 with a skin on, but the grip has some flaws so its broken around de power button. Stupid of them to not support older models for their new grip 2. Since buying phones every couple years has become to expensive. I am here to ask if you guys can recommend me a bumpercase that does not include a back. Since i am going to switch out my yellow skin for an orange one i still have laying around. I have trouble finding bumpercases without a back.
  15. BelgianNoise

    New El Cheapo build , no display

    I set it to "force" but still no effect. just gonna leave the GT 710 in there then... kind of a bummer.