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    Pc’s and cars
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    Belgian pc and car enthusiast
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    Electromechanical technician


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    Intel 9700k pinned @ 4.9GHz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Strix Z370-E Gaming
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    G-Skill Trident Z 3200MHz 2x8Gb dual slot
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    ASUS Strix Nvidia Rtx 2070 OC 8Gb @ 2010 MHz
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    Lian li PC O-11 Dynamic
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    Samsung 970 Evo m.2 ssd 512Gb and Samsung 970 Evo plus m.2 ssd 1Tb
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    Seasonic prime platinum 750w
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    Alienware aw3418dw
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    Corsair h150i pro rgb
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    Corsair K95 RGB Platinum
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    Logitech MX Master 2
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    Win 10

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  1. he is using Win10 Home 64bit, i don't know if he has an other keyboard to try on his pc. i'll tell him to try those things, but it bugs us that it only started with his new pc.
  2. Hi, so i'm asking for a buddy of mine, trying to help him solve his problem. So he has a Razer Keyboard and he never had any problem till he upgraded his pc. so about 2 or 3 weeks ago i helped him (via internet and chat for social distancing) choosing and ordering parts for a new pc. now ever since he tried gaming on the new pc, he noticed that when he taped shift, the next keystrokes would not register sometimes. so his new pc is build with: Asus Strix Z390-F gaming Intel 9700k i don't think that other parts would be worth mentioning because i think they wou
  3. does this look like a good overclock? i'm gonna let it run for longer, but i dont get the thing with aida64 i get just fine, with prime 95 i just straight out crash! Thanks for the help
  4. I have contacted Asus about it, we will see what they say. i have done everything i possible can i think. - Latest Bios - Latest GPU Driver - Tried all the settings and everything reacts perfect like it should, only GPU does nothing
  5. but the motherboard and the software can read/see the temps from the GPU but just doesn't respond, the GPU temp is right there the yellow dot is correct only difference i see is that when it's CPU or PCH or Motherboard temps the yellow dot follows the Fan curve on where it is sitting, with the GPU however, it sits at the bottom and there is a faded yellow dot where it actually would be sitting if it would follow the fan curve. So the software is getting the info but does nothing with it. So i thought i was missing like a setting maybe, but there is nothing like settings i can relate to this in
  6. yes, 0805 is the latest BIOS and dates from 31 Januari 2019 i have an Asus motherboard and Asus GPU, thats actually the thing, presuming they would communicate better if that would be possible, but they apparently don't
  7. The software will react to the input of the CPU, PCH and motherboard temps, but not to the GPU
  8. To your first question, it's true my CPU fan doesn't show, i have a AIO where the fans are plugged in for the cpu and the AIO does have a feedback from the motherboard but it does'n show on the software and i have done calibration for all fans. you can test all those fans in the software and i can let them spin independently from well "group" to "group" since they are connected trough splitters. so one group is bottom fans and one group is top fans, 3 fans per group. Extreme Quiet does not limit max fan speed it just lowers the fan curve i think, because when the pc heat up enough
  9. So i have an Asus Strix Z370-E Gaming motherboard. this came with a couple of programs in Asus Armoury crate, of which was Fan Xpert4, now i have run the automatic fan tuning and i have bottom fans and top fans (chimney effect in an Lian-Li PC O-11 Dynamic). The bottom fans are right under the GPU and i tried to let them spin when the GPU is getting hot, so they would blow some fresh air over the GPU, but for some reason they wil not spin when i try to heat it up with someting like a benchmark. As you can see, it nice and toasty and the fancurve is set so the
  10. Try shorting the power button pins on the motherboard header, if it works you can assume that your power button on your case is defective!
  11. Its the first build i did and its almost a year old now. Budget wasn't really a problem, i wanted to build something nice and clean and looks like i wanted. Comments are welcome but i'm a bit of an Asus fanboy, i like teh Asus design and never had any problem with Asus products. My experience may vary to others but yeah thats my experience CPU: Intel 9700K Pinned @ 4.9Ghz CPU-cooler: Corsair H150I Pro RGB Push-Pull Motherboard: Asus Strix Z370-E Gaming Ram: G-Skill Trident Z RGB 2x8Gb 3200MHz GPU: Asus Strix RTX 2070 OC 8Gb @ 2010MHz Case: Lian Li
  12. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gpu-hierarchy,4388.html this is juist a “performance list” of the GPU’s in 2019
  13. if your going to install your gpu horizontaly you might want to install some fans at the bottom as intake fans as they wil blow cool air right on your GPU, since your going to install your rad at the side its not that its going to hurt your CPU temps. i have 3 bottom as intake, 3 side as intake and 3 top as exhaust, seemed the more logical aproach for me. my temps seem really good IMO. 9700K not going over 72°C and is pinned at 4.9GHz and my GPU is not going over 60ish°C while gaming and that one is overclocked too, runs at 2010 MHz. i like my case, probably could do a better overclock but i t