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  1. robby999

    Need help to buy new monitor

    24-27 1080p
  2. robby999

    Need help to buy new monitor

    144hz 1ms 24-27 inch 1080p Gysnc or freesync compatibale with my 1070 Under 15000-20000 inr Brilliant picture quality
  3. Cus other fans run at constant rpm doesnt drops to zero
  4. I tried full speed too at 12 still same Its a rgb fan i will just replace it with some led fan
  5. Ok i tried changing thw headers its the fan
  6. Its a new mobo and new fan B450 gaming plus And jonsbo fan But i put this fan recently
  7. Should i replace it or keep it? I you can see the rpm is not stable it drops to zero and peaks to 2000 and other fans i have they run on a constant rpm
  8. My other fans speed is constant only this ones graph is up and down
  9. robby999

    Unable to turn on gamestream

    Used to work well idk It doesnt turns on With a message "that didnt work try restarting * Tried restarting no help 1070 gpu
  10. robby999

    Can i use my laptop screen as my pc screen ?

    Some games like poe ,civilization Idk not possible to play on it as its already on wall mount And laptop would be more comfortable But my laptop is shitty af i just need its screen
  11. robby999

    Can i use my laptop screen as my pc screen ?

    I use tv as pc monitor With hdmi There isnt any easy solution?
  12. I want connect my pc to laptop display
  13. robby999

    Witcher 3 fps drops

    Its application 3d settings - pre rendered frames
  14. robby999

    Witcher 3 fps drops

    Yes both nvidia and windows maximum performance mode