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  1. Are those above stats normal ? For a lappy with 8 gb ram and ryzen cpu (r5 3550h) and gtx 1650
  2. Have a look at this snap ..I believe ..there is severe choking Should I upgrade my ram ? Idk ..cuz other benchmark video be getting higher fps and double channelled ram gives better performance in laptops ...sooo ? What would you say ?
  3. Umm sorry I don’t understand second advice ... plz elaborate ...Thank You
  4. I’ve 8gb ram @2400mhz .Also I disabled the auto select between integrated and discrete gpu provided in my laptop , didn’t see any change . I rewatched my laptop benchmarks ...with stock config the benchmarkers easily got 240fps at low ...why so ? As far as clock speeds I never bothered checking it
  5. Guys for a month my r5 3550h gtx 1650 laptop ran csgo at avg 90 FPS ..After checking Vega 8 benchmarks turns out vega 8 gives the same 90 avg FPS ...How do I allocate gtx 1650 to csgo? So I get stable 144 FPS for my 144hz screen ...Thanks
  6. Hey I’ve a 120hz gaming laptop . A few notes : r5 3550h gtx 1650 8gb Ram 2400mhz CSGO FPS RANGE - 75-117 As per the title I believe it’s due to the insufficient ram as r5 here is an apu ...which in my knowledge sucks some ram juice !!! so before playing I checked in task manager it showed 4.2 gb unused ... SO SHOULD I JUST GET ANOTHER RAM STICK ? IS IT REALLY THIS OR INGAME /OS SETTINGS ... MY IMGAME SETTINGS ARE THE COMPETITIVE SETTINGS ...@1920X1080 RES AS 4:3 STRETCH ISNT SUPPORTED IN THIS (MOST) LAPTOPS Thanks
  7. Hey did u see the comments section of get_flanked’s video ...all said they were affected ...sigh.
  8. Well I like to play with my mates ....and story mode games aren’t my types...except a few FPS campaign mode(they’re good)
  9. With rise in ddos attacks in rise ...should I invest in R6 siege? It looked like a lovely game but not if you just can’t play .....
  10. Okay my config is this... over wifi to my wifi extender ( NOTE: not a repeater) and then plugged into my laptop via Ethernet (from extender )
  11. Nothing as of now ...i’m Happy with this extender .....i’m Seeing a boost of upto 2.5 times ... before: 22 mbps tops extender Wi-Fi : 50-55 mbps extender Ethernet : 70-75 Mbps (exactly what I pay for) thanks 4 d help tho ....
  12. Quick update: My Ethernet cable is faulty .lol..anyways thanks
  13. Well the router is connected to the EXT .and is up working ...even now i’m Connected to the extender. But the Ethernet isn’t working using a cat 5e