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  1. Also as you said your GPU was around 40% it might be a driver issue as @191x7 mentioned. DDu + newest drivers is your best bet.
  2. "I am using a 120Hz Acer Predator ultrawide 3440x1440". I doubt it's a CPU bottleneck, but how much is your CPU utilization while playing? 100%? EDIT: CPU not GPU
  3. 3600 + 30€ cooler is still better value than 3600X with it's stock cooler. (Also in other regions the gap is bigger) The +200MHz boost is the only + in 3600X, IF the cooler would still be copper instead of aluminum it might be a different case. Also in games the fps difference is too small to actually make the 3600X worth the extra.
  4. Ram problem maybe? Try running memtest just to be sure.
  5. OH SHOOT! Missed the 144Hz there :DDD , totally agree -> GPU first.
  6. ((PSU)?) > GPU > Motherboard + CPU PSU is okayish, i take its Xilence Performance A+? If it's Performance C then you need to upgrade it for sure. 430W MIGHT just be enough, even with 2070S. CPU: i'd prefer the Ryzen 5 3600, basicly the same as 3600X and newer than 2700X. If you really need to save some money then you could go with 2700X, but imo 3600 is worth the extra 30€. Main reason being better memory compatibility. (No need to buy B-die) GPU: Hard to say which one would be better overall, i'd pick the cheapest 5700XT (NOT THE BLOWER COOLER ONES), unless 2070S is cheaper or within 20€. Also wait for other comments too!
  7. What brand is your PSU? Seasonic?
  8. If you are 100% sure the GPU is fine and clearing CMOS does nothing, you could test all outputs from your GPU. Maybe one of those ports got fried.
  9. I somewhat agree, since limiting fps did nothing it's either CPU temps or RAM, and since you have 5-5.5GB utilized, i'm pretty sure RAM is the limiting factor here.
  10. @Uptivuptiz You could use Thaiphoon Burner to see the manufacturer and die type.
  11. 10nm will come in 2020 and 7nm + Hardware raytracing in 2021.
  12. Like @seon123 said GTX 1080 Ti is much faster than 2070 it's even faster than 2080 in some cases. So i'd pick 1080 Ti.
  13. Main differences are cooler (2 fans vs 3 fans), size (Dual slot vs 2.5 slot) and boost clock (1740 vs 1860). Personally i would buy the cheaper AMP edition. Your choice in the end.
  14. The new Intel 9X00f does not have integrated GPU.
  15. Well i am pretty impressed that 2080Ti can run majority of games at 4K over 60fps. I mean yea price/perf sucks, and all the new fancy features that the RTX cards offer are not worth it yet. But when it comes to raw performance in games, the ~75% uplift in perf over 3 generations, (R9 380 vs 2080Ti), is still pretty impressive. In my opinion anyways
  16. I agree that the pricing has gone out of hands, but those cards are not aimed at 1080p. At 1080p resolution the CPU will be the bottleneck, when going higher like 1440p or even 4K you see the big differences compared to the previous generations. How much performance can your R9 380 give compared to 2080Ti when running at 4K? That is the question and worthy comparison.
  17. There can be tearing on 120 or 144Hz monitors, you just cannot see it that well since the picture is updated much more frequently.
  18. 1. Check and update your drivers, OR if you have just updated them rollback. 2. AS @Quadriplegic said, put everything to stock, disable all overclocks if you have any. 3. Like @Evanair said run some benchmarks, if it doesn't crash in Prime95 etc. might just be the game. 4. Monitor everything, E V E R Y T H I N G.
  19. 1. You could check BIOS option in boot/drive setup (whatever it is) and check if there is anything about enabling pci-e storage etc. 2. Update your BIOS and try again.
  20. Why do you need an adapter for exactly? The Z97-A has an M.2 slot.
  21. I mean, just choose the one you think is "coolest" or cheapest or whatever is your criteria. Personally i'd choose either Gigabyte or Zotac, Palit having only 2 fans is kinda meh for me. Zotac is a known brand, i have no personal experiences with Zotac products tho.
  22. Mholes

    Can I run GTA 5?

    Just get yourself a good enough GPU (970/1060 etc.) and more RAM. CPU might be enough, NOT SURE THO.
  23. Mholes

    Can I run GTA 5?

    Edited already, also meant that CPU with good GPU and enough RAM might be enough, MIGHT.
  24. Mholes

    Can I run GTA 5?

    If i can read your specs right, GPU is not good enough, 512MB is not enough vram (MINIMUM is 1GB). CPU is kinda poop. Not enough ram.