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    i5-2400 3.4 Ghz
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    8 GB DDR3 133mhz
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    Cheapo case but Ok
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  1. I have Discord and Steam running in background. I checked with msi afterburner and usage hovered around 7.6 gigs while playing. It was totally fine and smooth before season 6 update. And CPU and GPU doesn't reach full usage since i have capped fps at 60.
  2. So im grinding in Apex Legends these days and the issue im facing is that my game stutters weirdly after playing 3 matches. Like micro freezes that ruin my experience. I have a low end pc but it easily runs the game on 1080p low 60. I have been experiencing this problem since the recent patch. i5 2400 8gb ddr3 Gtx950 Now should i upgrade my ram to 12 or buy a 128 gb ssd? Im confused. Help me out bros :D
  3. So i should try the spare one?
  4. Its clear that the cpu is bottlenecking. P.S Higher graphic settings increase the load on gpu not on cpu.
  5. My internet randomly disconnects about 8(My guess) times a day. It is really frustrating for me as i am playing online competitive games like Apex that disconnects me from the match. When the internet disconnects, i get the DNS_PROB_Bad_Config or something like this error on chrome. I've tried to put the google dns in settings but still it didnt fixed it. I think maybe router is the culprit as i can't even open the router page ( when internet is off. I have a spare router so i can set it up. But that's gonna be a hell lot of work as i don't know stuff about these
  6. I was having the same issue for the past 3 months. Turns out that my PSU was faulty So i replaced it and it is working flawlessly now. P.S The unit you mentioned seems pretty old.
  7. Well I am currently facing the same situation in my country. Prices are almost doubled (inflation). I just bought a Cooler Master V450S Gold rated PSU used which is running flawlessly.
  8. If i remove 4 gb or both 2gb sticks then i will definately get huge amount of freezes as 4gb ram is not enough for any game that i play
  9. I have a i5 2400 and 8gb ddr3 1333mhz and a GTX950. I usually play games like Apex Legends, Realm Royale and Dying Light. I get around 85-100 fps in each game but with constant fps drops. So i locked the fps to 60 with Vsync. But still the FPS is dropping from 60 to 45 or 50 after almost every 10 seconds. This is very annoying as Neither CPU nor GPU are maxed out. The Temps also are quite fine (50C for CPU ingame)(55C for GPU ingame) I think my Ram is causing it because I have weird configuration. Its 2gb+2gb and 4gb in the order. Should i rep
  10. But still i think the PSU is faulty.
  11. My PC with a faulty Antec HCG restarted under load. Now i replaced the psu and its completely Fine.
  12. nah ima gonna stick with it cz i don't want to pay 10$ for shipping. TY
  13. Is Cooler Master V450 Semi modular a good psu.I mean i got it used (Rly good condition) Just a bit worried.