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  1. Luckyy


    sorry for late reply i7 8700k aorus 1080ti xtreme edition 1x 16gb corsair ddr4
  2. Luckyy


    ive never had above 60 so just wondering what the best 144/240hz curved monitor is ? budget £700 could you provide images please
  3. Luckyy


    it's stuck creating a new partition... (it's not frozen or anything I can still click x to cancel )
  4. Luckyy


    looks like it's formatted it's self
  5. Luckyy


    i've not even had it long.. it's showing up in bios so gonna make a window a disk then see from there
  6. Luckyy


    can anyone help? basically i was playing bo3 then it crashed an restarted then said blod stopcode: windows service exception then when it loaded to 100% it restarted now it says i don't a have bootable drive :(. it's a ssd 240gb less then a month old...
  7. Luckyy

    best tools / mapper?

    want to use my ps3 pad for bo2 but back buttons are flipped anyway of changing them to default ps3 buttons?
  8. Luckyy

    Custom cables

    "can't find my psu" Riotoro Onyx - PSU 750W +80 Bronze UK Version Semi Modular
  9. Luckyy

    Custom cables

    ok thanks:)
  10. Best place to get custom sleaved gpu cables? (UK)
  11. http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/11470643
  12. lg tv skint atm just blown it all on pc parts xDDD
  13. i'm using 1920x1080. in payday it sits at 300 at menu then drops to 80-140 in game
  14. currently using aorus 1080ti extreme an only hitting 200fps is that normal? (i'm new to pc gaming)