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  1. If you can wait to upgrade until somewhere around June or July, AMD is set to release Ryzen 3000. Judging by the leaks of how they will perform, the 3700x will oc to 5ghz ish at roughly the price point of a 2700x. Since its based on zen 2 it will be faster than some threadripper models with similar core counts
  2. Acidix

    YouTube gaming content help please!

    Alright, probs gonna be hard for us to play though cause im an Australian but who cares ahaha
  3. Acidix

    YouTube gaming content help please!

    Maybe. Ill look into it. Thanks
  4. Acidix

    YouTube gaming content help please!

    Add me on PSN if you want AcidixYT. Just say you were from here. Or go to my channel Acidix (search AcidixYT and it should be the first one. Has like 470 subs)
  5. Hey guys, was wondering what the best GPU is for video editing in Adobe Premiere. Is it best to go for and RTX card and sell half my body to get one, go for a 1000 series cards from Nvidia or go for AMD Vega? Thanks in advance!
  6. Acidix

    YouTube gaming content help please!

    Oh okay. Interesting
  7. Acidix

    YouTube gaming content help please!

    Well i actually own both games. Recently just finished rdr2 story and my god was it amazing. Best story game ive played. up ther with Spiderman PS4. Oh is siege really that high? i didnt know that. Thanks I might actually start doing them and see how they fair!
  8. Acidix

    YouTube gaming content help please!

    I might actually give that a look. Thanks!
  9. Acidix

    YouTube gaming content help please!

    I havent played pubg too much but heard that blackout in bo4 is sort of similar in many ways. Would play Fifa but im not a soccer fan. Im from Australia and soccer ( or football whatever) is really not that popular over here
  10. Acidix

    YouTube gaming content help please!

    I'm really down for anything at this point. My preferred type of games to play though are COD (obviously but doesnt do well on YT), Any Rockstar Games (GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2), Uncharted Series or Rainbow six siege.
  11. Hey guys, i know this is probably in the wrong section of the forum so if it is, mods feel free to delete it. So anyway, I've been making YouTube videos for the past 3 years mainly uploading Call of Duty videos and then for like 3/5 of 2018 i was uploading Fortnite. I've since stopped playing Fortnite and if anyone here is in the COD community, you know it isn't doing all that great. Especially when it comes to the YouTube side of things. So I was wondering if anyone on this forum might have an idea of what games i could start playing and uploading to my channel. Just to note: I have a PC but I mainly play on the PS4 because that is where the majority of my friends play so PS4 titles are preferable please. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey guys, was just wondering if someone could help answer my question. I currently have a GTX 960 2gb running dual 1080p monitors. I was looking into replacing one of my monitors with a widescreen 1440p monitor. Although i dont know if my card would be able to handle it. I am not gaming on the 1440p monitor, I am mostly going to be using it to edit videos for my YouTube Channel. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Very true, I was going to substitute the 2666 ram for the 3200 ram it is with
  14. Ill be using programs such as Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Cinema 4D