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  1. Nono I’m talking about the display hertz not the processor hertz my processor runs at 4 ghz
  2. So can you tell me what motherboard supports 144 hz for the and Ryzen 3200g
  3. So I recently was on my computer, and I decided to change the refresh rate. It was on 60, the max hertz for my monitor. When I realized the Ryzen 3200g can show up to 144 hz, I decided to buy a new monitor. It is still showing 60 hz. So how can I get 144 ha via hdmi 2.0 without a graphics card? These are my PC specs: AMD Ryzen 3200g Gigabyte a320-s2h motherboard crucial 2x 4gb RAM WD blue 2 to ( my main storage and OS drive) Windows 10 pro
  4. I use: WD 2tb blue drive Ballstix crucial ram 4 gigs AMD Ryzen 3200g with Vega 8 graphics Gigabyte a320-s2h motherboard 400 watt power supply
  5. The temp is ok but the drive is getting 100% used in task manager
  6. I only bought one drive to use in my pc build. I installed windows on it and other softwares. That drive is my main storage and OS drive. I installed Fortnite on it, and whenever I run it for a few minutes, my computer crashes. please help