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  1. Alright, I only play Casual and Ranked for Siege, don't play in Scrims or anything so should be fine. Thanks for the recommendation!
  2. That's the one I was leaning towards but wanted more clarification. How is the response time? Cause I play Siege and Warzone so I want something that is not amazing but perfectly fine for the price point.
  3. I would like some suggestions on what type of monitors to buy, I have heard alright reviews of the Odyssey G5, Gigabyte M27Q as well as some others. Id prefer a curved option rather than flat as my other monitor is already curved (Samsung C27JG50) but if a flat screen is considerably better than the curved options then that's fine. Any help would be appreciated please!
  4. Yeah think Ill go with a better monitor, mine has just broke on me with coloured vert lines appearing on boot up so Thanks for the help though! You too @narrdarr
  5. So noticeable but money is better to put towards other parts of the system? Cause I got the money but if I can save $40 and put that into a better monitor then that's what I was wondering if I should do or not
  6. Id say so, from the video it shows 8-10% increased performance for certain situation. I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed a difference in their performance when going from 2 to 4.
  7. I personally stay away from anything over 18 unless you start entering high frequencies like 4000
  8. That might be true for every other CPU but there IS a difference between 4 and 2 on Zen 3 specifically, i.e So I just wanna know if the price difference is worth the jump in price. Even if its worth going from 3600 to 3200
  9. I was just wondering what is the better solution. I have seen videos from GN, Hardware Unboxed and Jay showing that 4 sticks provide performance increases over 2 sticks. The difference in price is $40 AUD ($30USD) with the 2x16GB kit being cheaper and was debating on whether the performance improves are worth the extra money. Any help would be appreciated
  10. Okay that's a step forward! So it boots into windows with the drives now connected? If so that's great! I'm unsure on how you could fix the Windows issue though. I would personally Google it and see if someone has a solution or contact Microsoft. Hopefully everything starts working properly soon!
  11. Try booting with everything disconnected bar the USB drive to ensure its not a internal drive issue
  12. Have you tried disconnecting every drive, even the OS Drive and booting off a Windows Media Creation USB, I seen you had tried that but was that with everything disconnected?
  13. Have you tried disconnecting all drives besides the OS boot drive to force it to boot to that drive?