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  1. It doesn't cut off all the data, but it does filter things according to your settings. If they are not set correctly there are some bugs at times where data is collected still. (E.g. changing settings on your desktop, but they didn't apply on the mobile settings immediately) In the end, as with any of these companies it boils down to trust. If they breach the said trust then they will face fines by your government, at least. (This depends on local legislation, but most of Europe would have an issue with a fake setting, and such a leak would irrevocably harm Google's reputation) Basically, you can't trust any online service when it comes to data collection fully; unless you are running said service, and even then between domain registrars, hosts, DNS, Tier3, ISPs etc, you never know who logs or tracks what. Therefore, as a whole, the internet isn't to be trusted because it's just a wild-land that has some highly volatile regulation, the only thing that is certain are the standards required to establish a connection to any service you are trying to use. Even LTT to an extent tracks its users, from the ads served, YouTube statistics, and even anonymous purchases through the Amazon affiliate link. Tracking doesn't mean there's an identifiable spyglass on you, but it is a summation of various, unlabeled information when a company is trying to be professional about their job.
  2. Same, it puts a smile on my face wherever I see kids enjoying gadgets like that! Some of them didn't exist or were overly expensive back in the day... That said, Linus is very fit and slim. You can see him shirtless in a summer video on Channel Super Fun.
  3. I like RGB, I think it's one of the best things that happened to hardware. Why have a window on most builds if you can't add some light to them? Just like cables, we tried to hide them so much, now we try to show them with the sleeved variants! If anything it allows most people to make unique, striking builds without having to hack together led lights into hardware and voiding warranties.
  4. That CPU is going to give you issues on most titles, I don't think you will have too much trouble for League of Legends, but anything more modern besides that will hit the bottleneck. It may be a good machine for emulation, playing some older games mostly. I wouldn't invest into it even if I had just little money, because you will be left wanting a better CPU by the time you're paying for it, let alone in a year from now. The lack of discrete graphics means you will have to find a fitting GPU as well, costing you some time, if you want to play any game at a decent framerate. Overall, I wouldn't buy it. I'd hold out gathering some more monies and purchase something that may be a bit more reliable.
  5. I think the legitimate benefit from prebuilt system really lies on the warranty, and support you receive. However, I think if you accidentally spill water onto your shiny new Macbook Pro or Dell, neither companies and their warranties will cover it. So you'll be stuck with an expensive brick either way.
  6. Most likely, never. A war nowadays isn't worth it. Every time Russia expands a little, it comes at a great cost, both from the EU and internally, and were done in order to safeguard their own pieces of the map, and an access to the black sea and the gas. This espionage stuff isn't anything impressive, as all are the major powers and even smaller, private groups doing this for their own interests to have a piece of the cake. Sometimes, they are done to steal technology and replicate it internally, other times to learn vulnerabilities or to see the effectiveness of a cyber attack. There are many reasons, but this kind of bullying nations do to one another isn't that big of a deal, they do that all the time.
  7. I was happy to find out that EVGA runs a nice EU shop that ships in most countries that are in the EU. Definitively will make a change in the next upgrade or build cycle. Especially since I want to be consistent with who makes what in my build.
  8. Just another chapter in the modern spin of the cold war. One country or agency does a virtual attack to another's, and vice versa. It's typical run of the mill espionage countries do to one another, and it's nothing too surprising. These have been going for a while, increasing in the past decade or so. News stations avoid to mention the various West-sponsored retaliations. (After all, you can't fault the side you are in. Whether you claim it's their fault, and you have security and networking engineer agencies actively working on retaliation in the background, all for national security.) These things aren't new, nor it's worth starting a physical war over these. What you do is use anything you catch as means to put pressure to the other party. (There's nothing more embarrassing than being caught and having to go to great lengths to cover your tracks or deny everything, or simply bite down another sanction)
  9. So, if I buy a game on steam, e.g. GTA V and download it, then I'm pirating their music? What if someone watches Netflix on a daily basis in their 4k TV? This makes no sense whatsoever. It's like you see a house on fire, and someone is setting up their barbeque five blocks away and you blame them for the fire.
  10. The games depend on the players mostly, if it's for a school club. Since you want to play competitively, they must be passionate about the game, and have a certain degree of familiarity with it. If you're planning on starting a club with people who lack overall experience, you risk losing them as soon the harsh realities of competitive play kick in. Besides, you need level-headed people who will not trash hardware or other teammates over losses. (Discipline, patience and tenacity are requirements for any serious, aspiring eSports player) So, I'd suggest to go with games that are easy to pick up, and have a regional presense. Usually, those will be CSGO, Starcraft 2, Dota 2 and League of Legends. The key will be doing your own research about what are the regional tournaments, competitions, and such events, but also more local hotspots for competitiv play, and maybe, just maybe building a base of contacts. Most importantly, you will have to sell the idea to either a board, or school administration, depending on the establishment, you may or not have a hard time. You need to prepare to argue for funding, equipment, or find an angel investor to provide what hardware is needed. (Otherwise, are the players expected to bring their own device? In that case what about someone who wants to join, but is out of monies?) Besides, you also need a trainer, a real trainer. Finding one will be tough depending on the region.
  11. I'm glad Microsoft decided to pull the parking brake and stall the update to fix the issues. People losing data is a big no-no for a modern OS to do. I fault them for forcing OneDrive down the user's throats without effectivelly testing customized system folders on a huge feature update like this one. What I find more annoying is that when people begun having issues, or losing data, others brought up "Oh I have no issues! Windows 10 is great!" like, guys, please, telling people you have no issues doesn't change anything, it makes it worse for people who have problems to resolve them, and in fact cultivates a bad mentality that happens fairly often in some communities particurarily OSX focused ones.
  12. Uninteresting phone overall. If I wanted an iPhone then I'd just get an iPhone. There are other flagship Android phones that serve better the overall platform than what the Pixel does.
  13. I can imagine some people with that thought pattern.
  14. That's true, but people don't want to pay the full license price for Windows 10. Some people simply can't, other thinks there is no reason to, and some people believe it's simple as a scam (That it's much cheaper cost wise to produce Windows, so getting a license it's a way of overpaying for something that has less inherent value) In fact, I've spoken with people who deem paying for a license "stupid" because they don't realize what's involved, nor the implications of using unlicensed, or hacked software on the OS level. Ideally people at home, who aren't willing or interested to shill out money for a Windows license should be using any of the Linux distros, and simply access to Office via Office 365 and other web services like Google Docs, if they need to. For gamers, Windows is still a must, but running it with a pirated version and software as a newbie you're running against time until you either get a serious virus (like a trojan) or someone pulls a plug somewhere and you get ransomware. (I wouldn't expect anyone who pirates windows, and probably pirates even the antivirus to be that safe, it's a race against time until some bank, steam or even a valuable account is gone)
  15. I think of it is as an exchange. You're using a Windows license and in exchange they need to test and get some sweet data out of your use. Of course, you don't use it in production, but for casual, or home use it's not that terrible of a choice, especially when faced between "legitimate" keys being sold on Reddit, DSP keys (That are not correct either because of their license) and the prices at the Microsoft Store for the OS. When you're a power user and you want to meticously test out new features, OS changes and differences in upcoming developments it's also beneficial for you... In any other scenario the drawback is exactly the one you mention; you're just a guinea pig, but a guinea pig with legitimate Windows 10.