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    Core i7 7700
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    Asus Maximus IX Code
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    16Gb G. Skill Trident Z 3000Mhz RGB
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    GTX 980Ti Reference
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    NZXT H230
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    Samsung 970 Evo 250gb, 1TB and 2TB HDD
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    Corsair CX750
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    24" LED TV
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    Mantistek GK3-61
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    Logitech G402 / Razer Naga / Asus Harrier GT300
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    Windows 10

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  1. A shop is having a clearance sale and there's a Swiftech H220-X (Brand New) costs around $60. I've seen reviews of it as a good for the money on its time but I'm wondering if its still worth it now since there are many alternatives right now. Not a fan of RGB builds so not having RGB capability is fine by me.
  2. Go for the 1660 but try looking for a 2060 or 1660 super.
  3. Thanks for the answers guys. I think I'm just gonna wait for now.
  4. I've edited my post to tell why I'm considering it. Its 500usd new here. The 2070s strix is selling for around 450usd. The model that I want (iGame 2070s Vulcan-X OC) is the one selling for 500. Those people selling used here are selling it for around 400 which is ridiculous.
  5. This card is currently on sale for around $500 here in my country (Philippines). My original target is 3070/60 but due to the situation ng cards right now (supply and demand, card issues) I think its hard to buy a latest card. I also saw 3080s selling here for around 1000usd and 3090s around 2000usd I think the 3070/60s will also have those marked up prices here that's why I'm considering buying an 2000 series card. . Currently playing on 1080p60 but I might go to 1440p60 soon. I'm currently using 980ti.
  6. I've been using my 980ti reference @ stock for a while now. Performance wise I'm having dips below 60fps sometimes so I tried to overclock it a bit and this is my first time doing it. I tried lowering the power limit too for trying to lower the temps. From 83c at stock to 72c~75c with slight overclock. From this: To this: I got better performance while having lower temps and lower fan speed. And I don't have any performance issues. No freezes or anything bad but I just want to make sure. Will it affect my card's longevity?
  7. I go with the kryonaut. It still goes up to 83c but it doesn't throttle that much anymore. and it cools down fast unlike the old paste.
  8. I've been choosing between these 3 thermal paste: Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut GELID Thermal Paste GC-Extreme Arctic Mx-4 I'll use it on my 980ti which is showing signs of thermal throttling. And should I replace its thermal pads? And what thickness should I use? These are the thermal pads available: Gelid GP-Extreme Thermal Pads Arctic Thermal Pad Choosing other paste/pad besides that aren't possible right now. So, I hope someone can help me choose on what should I buy. Thanks!
  9. I forgot to mention that noise is one of the top considerations in choosing my new GPU. I want it to be quiet sa much as possible. I am not going to watercool it either. I'll try to search about the noise levels on pulse, gaming oc, red dragon variants of those cards.
  10. I want to upgrade my GTX 970 strix to a 5600xt strix and I'm aware that people will say that buy a cheap variant 5700 non xt instead. But if not in terms of performance but quality of the card itself. Are premium priced cards worth buying? I've been watching buildzoid GPU PCB analysis and he said that those premium cards are priced right since it has good quality PCB components (Didn't understand 90% of his analysis tho). I want to buy a card once and upgrade again for another 5 years. And I want to ensure that the card will last for that long. My 970 served me well but its showing its age. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  11. Its a pascal card. I am sure of it since the cooler has its sharp edges like a founders ed 10 series cards. Yea I think it is too but I have to make sure Thanks! It has a model number of 900-1G611-2500-000. I searched on it and it looks like a 2017 version of the Titan XP. But it has a DVI port. Not sure what DVI port. But can I ask you a favor to make sure? Thanks for the help.
  12. How can I identify what titan xp is he offering to me?
  13. Someone's offering me a Titan XP for $375. It was used on a self-controlled car. It only comes with a anti static wrap. Should I go for it or are there any alternatives? Thanks!
  14. I've searched around but there is no ex900 or sabrent ssd here locally. The only choice I have is that 2 and maybe a 660p priced same as the 960 evo. PM981/961 is more expensive here than the 960 evo. I think 960 evo is good? Warranty is the only problem here since I will buy it used.
  15. If you're using 4 sticks. I think install 1 then 3 afterwards will suffice.