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    Aircraft Mechanic


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    Asrock H170m Pro 4
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    2x8 Corsair Vengeance
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    EVGA 1080ti sc black
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    Fractal Design Arc Mini R2
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    Intel 660p 1 tb
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    ACER X 34 / ASUS PG279Q
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    Ducky Shine 5 (MX Blue) / Logitech G710 plus (MX Brown) / Thermaltake Poseidon Z (Kailh Blue) / Corsar K70 RGB (MX Red)
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    Logitech G500 / G500s / G502
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    Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Black / Logitech G933 Artemis / Creative Inspire T10 2.0
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    Windows 10

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  1. the only possible way that 'no' would be an acceptable answer would be if 'im getting a RTX 3090' followed immediately after it.
  2. Oh ok, I didn't catch that... I've never had an AIO before... Can you tell if the pump is making noise? Does it sound like it is on? Do you have the stock cooler you can put on it to check that the CPU works fine and doesn't over heat with a working cooler? Are there other ports you can plug the AIO into? (I believe you can plug the pump into a normal fan header) Is it just the pump that is not turning on? Or is there other fans that are plugged into the MoBo that are reading '0 rpm'?
  3. Unfortunately you can't really check the mount without taking the cooler off... I would get some extra thermal paste first before starting. But basically you take off the cooler and look at the thermal compound between the cpu and cooler and make sure that it is squashed flat and even over the whole surface. Wipe off the used thermal compound and replace it with new thermal compound and install it again... (I would recommend typing in something along the lines of "cpu cooler mounting" into the you YouTube search bar and watching several videos ab
  4. Re-installing windows never hurt anything... and if fixes 90% of the PC problems I've come across.... (could there be a quicker, easier solution? Sure... but re-installing windows does fix alot of problems...)
  5. Sounds like your cooler needs to be reseated... or that it is not installed properly...
  6. Hey, just a curious passer by... have you already purchased all this hardware? If so... or when you do, can you take pictures and chronicle this endeavor... I would love to see both the journey and the finished product.
  7. I dont remember the exact amount, but is was somewhere around $175 USD
  8. Its not a bad idea but it doesn't give you a 'real' typing experience... they have keyboards on display that you can type on at some Best Buys and other computer stores... or if you have a friend that has a mechanical keyboard... and it's free... but if you can't find any of those the switch tester is a good idea too.
  9. Maybe one day ill have a friend. Sorry joking... im getting off topic...
  10. I'm a tech hoarder... maybe one day I'll have friend that wants to buy a nice keyboard and he will be able to try out all my key-switches and it will help him make his decision...
  11. I had artifacts on my 780, turned out I fried my GPU... luckily it was still under warranty and I was able to RMA it... that being said my artifacts looked nothing like yours...
  12. Just my own nosey two cents... you don't have to listen if you don't wana... 1) Drop the hyper 212 evo... the stock AMD cooler will be just fine for this build. 2) Find a cheaper case 3) use the money you just saved from steps 1 and 2 and get a better monitor.
  13. I have a Ducky Shine 5 w/ MX Blues. I absolutely love it. And would recommend it to a friend.
  14. I bought 4 mechanical keyboards before I found the key-switch that I like. Now I have one key board that I absolutely love and 3 key boards in their boxes in my closet... I would highly recommend finding the switch you like first and then once you have that pick the brand and style that suits you.
  15. I've had this problem before... twice The first time was with a Logic G500... and it was double clicking because the insides next to the switches were dirty and all gummed up... I took it apart and cleaned it and never had that problem again... The 2nd time was with a Thermaltake mouse and I took it apart and found that the switch mount had broke causing an incorrect actuation of the switch. (It was a trash mouse...)