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  1. over time a ssd will degrade and become slower
  2. i would upgrade your psu most likely its not able to push enough power under load try a 750 or higher buy new dont secound hand if you have any freinds with a 750 or higher try and see if you can test your system with their psu to validate but i do think that your psu is the issue
  3. one thing i would never do is recycle a psu for another system EVER!! if you bought it new and its not too old then you could use it but if its secound hand then i would never trust it one more thing is that its a 460 watt psu so i would not expect much from it
  4. i would say that if you have any family or freinds with a motherboard that all your stuff is compatible with ask and see of you can test your hardware on it that way you can verify that it's not your main components
  5. but you should never get a used psu because that can spell trouble
  6. everything is rgb for people to feel dominant over plebs that can't afford rgb just kidding some people like when their rig glows and shines some find it annoying its your choice of you want rgb
  7. im not an expert but it should be fine all no components would be affected if static electricity where to build up since your psu should be grounding your system just make sure that your cat isn't going to cause your system to over heat by covering fans or other cooling components
  8. have you overclocked your ram by any chance? because you may have killed your ram but to me this does sound like a problem with your motherboard and it may be time to upgrade
  9. i would clean mine every 3 months or when im going to a lan party as long as your system isnt over heating because you havent cleaned it then you should be fine
  10. in australia we have a card called a load and go (just like a debit card but you need to add money to use every time) i assume that where you live there should be something similar try going to your local post office and ask if they have something like that
  11. sometimes ltt will have the video ready for upto 2 weeks before publishing to the yt page tho so its probs better if they add the date of making in the bio of the video
  12. so i should be "safe" going at 3000mhz or just below or can i go a bit higher by sacrificing stability