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  1. Fair enough, since i'm sort of a beginner, hearing what the headphone is just as it;s self with little to no colouration of the headphone amp is sort of what I want, I'll get a tube amp later if I want more warmth, but I got some warm headphones now, so I want a break from that.
  2. How well would the sennheiser HD800s pair with the Topping A50s. I've had a person say that you lose some dynamics, and that treble is bright is tone. I don't think I've experienced this myself (Although I do use some warm HarmonicDyne Zeus with almost no top end). Regardless, your thoughts?
  3. I just need a discord to ask as many questions and receive as many answers as possible about custom loop cooling!
  4. Do you need the version of the Xbox Series X controller that come with the wireless USb adaptor for it to work on PC, or can I use just the base wireless version?
  5. Bruh, I do not get it! I looked forever and legit couldn't find anything, even on alphacools, site! Maybe the fact I was translating to english, perhaps obscured what I was looking foe, either way many thanks.
  6. That;s the thing, I've checked EKWB, Alphacool, Deepcool and a few other sites. I thought it might be a reference PCB, but I can't seem to find any sites that show compatible listings! Perhaps I missing something.
  7. I'm trying to find a custom waterblock for my RTX 3070 (the Inno3D Ichill X3 varient) and I'm having no luck, does anyone know if such a block exists? Please link it if there is one.
  8. Is it possible to use something like and AMD and Nvidia GPU, separate of each other, and have one GPU used for displays and the other for something Nvidia's hardware level encoding? I'm pretty sure you can do this right.
  9. You miss the point my friend, I'm not after an ancrylic design. FULL metal. Like the entire front bit as well. Not just a backplate
  10. I have an Inno3D X3 RTX 3070 and nothing came up for GPU blocks in the automatic search review, I'm having a look but yet to see something interesting to my prefered choice