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  1. So my friends GPU ( as listed above ) isn't displaying any output, just a black screen. Now he isn't a computer wizard like me an can't describe too much of the issue to me. So I need your help people of the internet! Q1. IS this a hardware related problem? As he did say that this had been happening since he got this PC over 9 months ago. Q2. Driver related issue that can be fixed by any means? Q3.A windows related issue that could cause this Q4.Other? If you have any experience with this type of card, please let me know if you have this is happened befo
  2. So I have seen some recent videos where people have undervolted there Ryzen 5000 Series CPU's to get a couple hundred MHz higher all core performance with PBO2. All of the results from the video seem to suggest that it's actually worth doing and gives a nice performance boost along with a few degrees off temperature. Now what would like to know is, What performance is there to be had with say a 5900X overclocked by a certain denominator, lets say 250Mhz. Is it worth it comparatively? for the excess heat load and temperature? Please only reply if you tried this on a 5000
  3. Just wanting to know is anyone has bought anything from this site. Any complaints?
  4. Experiences with the KOSS KSC35 wireless headphones! Good or bad? build quality or life of improvement issues? Also PLEASE don't comment if you do not have experience with these headphones specifically!
  5. The title says it all. That being said, Memory QVL/Ram issues. Have they persisted?
  6. Does ANYBODY have this specific Trident Z kit of ram (F4-3600C17Q-32GTZR) and have successfully used it On Ryzen 3000/5000 series on a B550 and had no issues? It's said it's mainly for intel and shows only Intel chipset QVL's from motherboard vendors, But does that mean it won't work for X570/B550 boards? PLEASE only comment if you have this specific kit or experience!
  7. So i thinking about buying a Certain trident Z kit, Specifically this one. However, there is no AM4 motherboard QVL's on there site. Should I be concerned and look elsewhere, as a result of potential compatibility issues? OR is it fine? Past experience if any?
  8. Literally just looking for a Aus/Us group of people, bout 4 or so to play a fresh new Java 1.16.4 world, no too little plugins if possible. also, Just regular casual playthrough, No speed running, Just chill fam game play. Also, love a good conco during it. entertainment is always welcome. Hmu ASAP!