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  1. So I currently have a system that has a 1600X, with 16Gigs of ram and an old B350F board in it. I have seen people just use random SSD/HDD as there boot drive when that swap over from PC to PC. So I guess my question is, Can I use my SSD that currently has windows 10 on it, and swap it over to a new Motherboard, CPU and ram combo, for example over to say a R5 3600 with it's respective chipset and memory? Note: I'm guessing I'll have to uninstall things like chipset drivers rights?
  2. My trident Z RAM. aka 2 x this exact kit right here: F4-3600C16D-16GTZNC is running rather hot. Granted I have four dimm slots being used on my motherboard, But I have quite a well ventilated case, AND currently due to BIOS limitations am only running the ram at 3200MHz out of it's rated 3600mhz at the exact same timings (MSI X570 UNIFY bios btw) . A few things though, that may indicate these temperatures. As seen below my RAM is running at 1.36V. Which seems way to high, for a 3200mhz below advertised speeds. I have actually lowered the voltage in the BIOS, although It still shows rather
  3. Is this because you need to clone your gaming monitor with your preview monitor?
  4. That isn't a mjaor issue, mainly because streaming is locked to 60 fps on twitch. Not sure about YT streaming, But i believe it's the same.
  5. Well I only have a 1080 165Hz monitor, and currently have no plan to upgrade monitor resolutions atm. So it's sounds like the HD60 pro could be a good purchase choice, although I feel as if having a higher tier capture card like the 4K varients would be good, because they do support higher fps pass-through, although I'm not sure how that would benefit me currently atm, at least I have the option I suppose/
  6. I need some recommendations for capture cards for dual streaming PC setups. I have watched a few videos and have some contenders in mind, however I would like to know based of experience from those who have/has used capture card in such a setup, and what you experience has been. aka, Which companies software/hardware worked better for your circumstances Please don't post if you have nothing of value to add to this thread OR you don't have experience with said products. I appreciate advice, but this time, advice based of knowledge and experience please.
  7. from what i've read yes, I don't want it per say, I have no choice though
  8. Yeah, as it seems. nice response
  9. Telstra's bullshit marketing on there websites make it almost impossible for me to find out of the best bundle ever connection is a fixed wireless connection, could somebody PLEASE, just give a straight answer. I'm going to tear the roots out of my red soonm and that's a lot of blood to clean up, so id rather not.
  10. Funnily enough, I overvolted my CPU the day i got it, and saw in excess of 2 + extra degrees for the performance gain XD
  11. I'm rather confused about NZXT's fan controllers, They have there hub, The HUE+, and few others. I'm just looking for the one that will allow me to control my aio aer RGB fans.
  12. I'm not using Alll amd specs, just a ryzen cpu and nvidia gpu
  13. And yes I meant swap Not hotswap Xd terminology fuck up