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  1. Galaxy S10 HYPE, anyone?


  2. You should check if its updating apps in the background. If not, just disable background app usage from that app
  3. No apps like that, its just one of those things you'll have to deal with.
  4. It also depends on how much you want to spend...
  5. I mean if you are willing to change to Android, you could keep your headphone jack ( which no current iPhone has), i would recommend a Galaxy S8 or S8 plus if you like big screens.
  6. You could get one here. The problem is that the Ulephone does not support any network frequencies in the US or Canada so you won't be able to put a sim in it.
  7. Have you tried using an application that cleans the phone (i.e clears caches, junk, duplicate images, etc)?
  8. Did you check if the Qi wireless charging is compatible with the new battery you put in the phone? Is it a nokia battery or is it a knock-off?
  9. https://support.sonymobile.com/global-en/contactUs/ It may be something with an update that broke something, if I was you I would contact Sony directly.