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    Johnprogamez reacted to seon123 in Need help with cables.   
    Or you know, it will trigger the SCP on the PSU
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    Johnprogamez reacted to Mick Naughty in gtx 1080 vs 1070ti oc   
    If you are going used, 1080’s are going for  350. Might as well get the better card. 
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    Johnprogamez got a reaction from iLostMyXbox21 in 1100$ budget pc   
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    Johnprogamez reacted to Skiiwee29 in gtx 1080 vs 1070ti oc   
    They are different cores behind them, but both are Pascal based, and indeed the 1070ti can be overclocked to easily match the stock performance of a 1080. 
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    Johnprogamez reacted to Jurrunio in Can anyone identify the 2 components   
    those are smd capacitors, they do not cause the card to fail even if they are gone. Something else is broken or missing.
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    Johnprogamez reacted to ProRifts in DROPPED RAM ON RUNNING GPU   
    I see, I don't really know what to suggest here. Turn your PSU off, if you haven't already, re-install the GPU and see if it boots. Give it a bit of time but if nothing happens, it looks like you have a dead card
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    Johnprogamez reacted to benji_ in Ram speed?   
    it should work, ive got 2133MHz ram but my cpu only supports 1600MHz, i'd assume its the same story for you
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    Johnprogamez reacted to Fasauceome in Fake GPUs: DO NOT BUY!!! (Pics)   
    Tech channels have been covering this stuff for months, I'm surprised eBay hasn't cracked down on this epidemic.