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  1. Bold of you to assume I have friends or colleagues.
  2. Glass gets warm in my case as well. This is normal, as the entire case gets warm during intense loads, since the components inside are warm.
  3. Left side is assuming you have large enough hands for your index finger to tap it, but given how massive the Note phones are, this is very few people. I dislike fingerprint readers as a concept, so my opinion of biometrics is rather skewed against Samsung (as their own Retina scanning sucks). Nothing beats FaceID, IMO. Which phone did you order, if I may? I hope it wasn't the Note 10 non-plus, it's a downgrade from the S10 in most ways...
  4. I use Furmark, they have a CPU burn in as well as GPU.
  5. 99% of Samsungs issues are software, and unless I missed something nothing has been fixed, sooo: Random battery drain issues Buggy launch OS build, will be patched out next update Muh headphone jack Small rant about how Samsung is creating too many devices with no reason to exist (why the sudden creation of a Note 10+ and why was the Note 10 gimped so severely) Note series too big Screen is pretty but over saturated out of the box Cameras are fine, but nothing new. Theres my prediction of the note 10 review, made from watching all the other LTT Note reviews as well a noting tendencies of complaints from being a long time LTT viewer.
  6. I really just want it for the GUI, it is very intuitive. Install it, run your full system stress test, and take a screen shot of the XTU screen when you observe your clocks dropping.
  7. Sounds like VRM throttling. Do you have intel XTU installed?
  8. Short answer: Background tasks eating up system resources Long answer: Windows 10 really sucks and is incredibly inconsistent with its system scheduler.
  9. When swapping platforms, it is best to reinstall
  10. I never use Freesync/Gsync in any of my games, it has never bothered me. Both solutions add some input latency and thats yucky.
  11. The 5700/XT does not support Crossfire, so nobody has bothered testing PCI-E Gen 4 SLI since the two cards on the market on the standard doesn't support it! The 5700XT is mid range Navi, supposedly, so I say we wait for the higher end sku's to launch and see if they support it.
  12. $150 is quite low, but I think we can make something work! Track down an Optiplex 3010 Mini Tower on your local reselling site, I'm not sure if you have Craigslist in Canada, and spend the rest of your money on a GPU. 1050Ti is usually the go to. Don't even waste your time trying to buy new parts, as it won't work out.
  13. I find it very interesting that 7nm has a lower voltage tolerance, 1.35v is down from the common wisdom of 14nm.
  14. I can tell you the Define R6 can fit 140MM fans with a DRP4 installed, but the Define C is a smaller case so it may not work. I personally run 2 140MM intake, 2 120MM exhuast, and 1 140MM Exhaust, GPU and CPU temps are fairly decent, especially GPU, and it is quite quiet even at full load.
  15. Lenovo did that on some of their low powered yoga laptops back in the day.
  16. Banned for being two car lengths behind me, which is roughly in a wall. Get out of my walls!
  17. Bigger question is why is this news. This has been a meme for years
  18. New PSU is very much recommended, but in theory there is nothing stopping you.
  19. Replaced by this AFAIK: https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16811853056?item=N82E16811853056&source=region&nm_mc=knc-googleadwords-pc&cm_mmc=knc-googleadwords-pc-_-pla-_-cases+%28computer+cases+-+atx+form%29-_-N82E16811853056&gclid=Cj0KCQjwv8nqBRDGARIsAHfR9wBkf-U8EZbSMxyVdDNDwfsO57jj7eeAitHvCUkUjthr-T-JEvu-E5waArhmEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  20. Just reflowed a 2011 MBP with a dying GPU, did it with an Ace Hardware heat gun too!


    Janky? Yes. Worth it for a $20 MBP that came with 8GB of RAM and in immaculate condition? Yep! Very happy with this, lets see how long it lasts!

    1. Schnoz


      i'd probably accidentally burn the entire building down

  21. You want to go with one or the other first, frequency or timings. Here is how I OC RAM, take that as you will. I may do something "wrong", or out of order, but this works for me: Verify RAM is running at correct timings (timings are printed on sticks and can be found on product page. XMP doesn't always get this right) If the RAM is at the wrong timings fix them Set voltage to manual, leave voltage default Re-verify stability (I prefer Prime 95 Large FFT's) If stable, step down all memory timings by one. Re-verify Repeat step 5 and 6 until unstable, then step back one and save your settings. Timings should be set now Go to memory frequency, step up 100MHz Reverify Repeat steps 9 and 10 until unstable, then step back 100MHz and save your settings. Reverify total system stability This is what some people would call "chicken clocking", but there's no shame in it! I call it optimal stability clocking I do timings first as they often have a far larger impact than clock, but really memory OC is just for fun IMO. Even Ryzen doesn't respond too much beyond ~3000 MHz.