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    intel core i5-4200@ 1.6GHz
  • RAM
    4Gb ddr2
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    GeForce GT 740M
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    toshiba satelite
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    750gb SATA 3gb/s @5400 rpm
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    Windows 8.1

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  1. col01by

    DIY WiFi Cam Tutorial

    i dont know if anyone has asked this but i saw you can use a webcam instead of the ribbon camera is it possible to use two web cams on the same pi ?
  2. a few month ago my father has asked me how much it would cost approx to get security camera network for our house 2-3 cameras im only planing this out so far i know i can buy small usb web cams for super cheap and also have found usb to Ethernet adapters also pretty cheep utilizing a usb hub would this be in anyway possible ? any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated cheers btw i live in Australia idk if that will help in anyway but just a heads up
  3. col01by

    first budget pc build opinion

    yeah nahhh 1tb ssd will be a future upgrade... $165 aud for the cheapest
  4. col01by

    first budget pc build opinion

    i think im might go with r5 2400g only cause it means i don't have to get a gpu immediately and ill definitely consider a 1tb ssd
  5. col01by

    first budget pc build opinion

    shit sorry should be right now
  6. hello i have been messing around trying to put together my first gaming pc i dont exactly have a budget iv just been putting together parts that are cheep but should get resonable performance, iv done most almost everything through Mwave becouse i can get cheaper shipping (i live in rural Australia, Victoria) my plan was to purchase everything but the GPU until i get more money and just play games of the 2200g (not newest titles) i came here for advice on different parts i was also wondering weather to go with a rx 580 or rx 570 ($40difference both 8gb) or some other card https://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/col01by/saved/Rc29GX
  7. col01by

    recomended build $800-980 australia

    thank you both for getting back so quickly with two great but different builds i will show both to him tomorrow
  8. col01by

    recomended build $800-980 australia

    no hes got everything but the pc
  9. hi my friend is looking at building his first gaming pc he has an approximate budget of $800 to $980 he dos'nt have a preference of amd or intel possibly looking to play new games at medium to high settings does anyone have any suggestions he lives in Australia
  10. col01by

    xeon x5675 vs x5687

    only issue is the cheaper Optiplex's with i7-2600s are either SSF or around $350 aud
  11. col01by

    xeon x5675 vs x5687

    no i haven't bought it yet that's definitely true i did a quick search and they are reasonably cheap i have looked into some Optiplex's like 9010-9020s in the past but didnt really go after them cause it was kinda hard to find a tower for what i thought was cheep at the time ill have to have another search
  12. col01by

    xeon x5675 vs x5687

    i will keep that in mind tbh never really looked into them but i will definitely look into them thanks for the suggestion
  13. col01by

    xeon x5675 vs x5687

    thanks for all the help by the way even if this does go up shit creek its been greatly appreciated
  14. col01by

    xeon x5675 vs x5687

    yep i have a potential backup if this inst compatible but i think they released some update of something
  15. col01by

    xeon x5675 vs x5687

    oh didnt look at that