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  1. How would you catch fire? We are talking about a wooden case.
  2. You do realize that the PCB layout of a 1080 Ti and 2080 Ti are nothing alike.
  3. That's too general of statement and not always true. I can easily use over 550w on my workstation with a single GPU.
  4. Typically the required fiber to run dedicated 10Gbit is located in heavily populated or industrial areas.
  5. Sony will make a lot more off selling a game online than stamping a disc. You are talking dollars vs pennies in this equation. The math is revenue - retailer margin - shipping/production expense = profit - royalty fees = Sony's profit. Take away that retailer margin and expenses and there is a larger chunk of profit to go around.
  6. If Sony can match the features of their X700, then it should be a good device. The biggest thing to look for is the support of HDR, HDR10+, Dolby Vision and Atmos support. Right now, the XB1X handles a majority of them, but lacks Dolby Vision I believe. https://www.sony.com/electronics/blu-ray-disc-players/ubp-x700 I personally use the X700 for watching 4k physical media which I prefer over the XB1X since I can set it once for movies and not have to change everything back for gaming. You will typically have a lot more processing and a different picture quality setting for movies since lag isn't a concern.
  7. The PS4 doesn't like the external storage being removed. Things like updates and the game database can have issues.
  8. Some things to be mindful of. When using a splitter, only one fan reports back the speed for PWM control. Meaning, if you mix types of fans, the rpm of the one connected to the 3 pin side of the splitter will seen by the motherboard or AIO. All the other fans will just run based on a percentage of their overall speed. I've seen instances where some fans can run at lower rpm's than others which cause some to not spin while other chained do. Personally, I'd set a different fan curve for the case fans as opposed to the AIO ones. The AIO should be based off coolant temperature where the other ones have to account for moving all the hot air, including GPU, out of the case. Also, Corsair uses a custom RGB connections which means you need their propretary controller. I'm assuming that's what's built into the case. If so, they that can serve as your RGB controller.
  9. Get extra fluid so that you can flush in a few months and not have to place a new order. It's so cheap and draining the system shortly after putting it together will get all the junk out. Also, a few of these types of adapters and extenders. For example, the extenders help a lot of you need to have a 90 or 45 degree adapter off the radiator on the fan side. https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-af-angled-2-45-g1-4-nickel https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-af-classic-angled-45-nickel https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-af-extender-rotary-m-m-g1-4-nickel https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-af-extender-6mm-m-m-g1-4-nickel https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-af-extender-20mm-m-f-g1-4-nickel
  10. EK doesn't sell them, but I believe Alphacool does and they would be just as good.
  11. I have a Razer Huntsman Elite w/purple switches and it feels/sounds a lot like my older Razer Blackwidow Ultimate w/blue switches. Not sure if I could get away with the reds for typing because they do actuate quickly, even when resting your fingers. Used a Corsair K70 RGB w/brown in between the two and I'm glad I switched back. Overall, I like the audible confirmation of the key being hit as well as the coinciding tactile feel. Also, try out the Viper Ultimate if you want to pair the keyboard with a good, lightweight cordless mouse.
  12. If you have to deal with 90 degree bends, there are kits that you can buy when those already done and just cut it to length. I would also say that 16mm is going to look fine in an O11 Dynamic. Here is soft tubing in that size and you can see that it doesn't really take up much room. Also, the force that the pump applies to the fluid keeps the tubing completely full. You will not see any type of air once bled.
  13. Even if money is not an issue, SLI is a pain to get working and 99.999% of the time you won't get any improvement. I wouldn't even bother and just get a 2080 Ti now and then a 3080 Ti or whatever the equivalent is and have a much better experience than you are trying for. Go for a nice water cooled setup if something else and throw your money at that.
  14. This is the absolute worst time to invest in a Turing card. As you can see from the NVLink availability, they are not making the parts since Ampere cards will be launching soon. Same thing happened with the Pascal cards when everyone stopped selling the SLI bridges.
  15. Is it at all possible to vertically mount the GPU? Maybe not with it being inverted, but that can always help cover the lower ugly IO connectors and PCIE slots.