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  1. The only upgrade I'm doing this year is replacing our living room tv with a Vizio PX65. We already put OLEDs in a couple other rooms, but not trusting my daughter to not keep it paused for hours at a time. The PC side is rather boring and I've already upgraded the house to 40Gbe to anything that can take a network card. The only other upgrade was to a WiFi 6 mesh network, but that's not too exciting.
  2. No worries. I've just spent a lot of time in the last few months trying different things and trying to filter it down to what I found works. I'm now messing around with 40Gbe cards and learning a lot of lessons along the way. The biggest constant that I've found is newer Chelsio cards just work well across the board and have a lot of nice features.
  3. Did you look at this link? https://www.servethehome.com/buyers-guides/top-hardware-components-freenas-nas-servers/ The cards listed in that link work well in Windows.
  4. Just my opinion, but spend a little more for the stuff that is known to work and avoid pointless misery trying to troubleshoot a cheaper alternative. The T5 series of Chelsio cards are known to work well and are even sold by iXsystems. I found their stuff to be top notch, even compared to Intel, which has always been a solid choice in network cards.
  5. I was referring to the T50 series of cards. Just an example, but you can probably find them for a better price. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DELL-J6VY6-0J6VY6-Chelsio-T520-CR-10GbE-2-Port-PCIe-Unified-Wire-Adapter-Card/133081499107?hash=item1efc4685e3:g:jOQAAOSwr6hc~7oL I would suggest going direclty to the FreeNAS forum on their site and reading the info. Also, this is a good start for reference. https://www.servethehome.com/buyers-guides/top-hardware-components-freenas-nas-servers/
  6. I never get packet loss on my 10Gb network between NICS or the switch itself. Are you testing with iperf3?
  7. Chelsio is the way to go. HP, Dell and others resell their NICS under their brand. The T520 cars are plug and play and have a ton of options for adapters. I personally went with the T520-BT models so that I could reuse the existing copper lines in that I previously wired up.
  8. I've seen a lot of these Arista switches and a lot of folks over at STH seem to use them. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arista-DCS-7050Q-16-R-16-Port-40GbE-QSFP-Switch-W-4x-Fans-2x-PSUs-Tested/372530835925?hash=item56bc9171d5:g:t0YAAOSwa6NcDmHz
  9. I'm looking for used on eBay, Cragslist, etc and I know there are options in the 500-800 range.
  10. I replace my PC typically yearly, laptops every 2 years and peripherals depending on how quickly the technology advances. Servers tend to last much longer since they are beefer to begin with. Unfortunately, the PC market has slowed down a lot so yearly replacements are getting harder to do. The 1080 Ti and 2080 Ti are lasting longer than I'm used and processors go up in cores, but it's not ground breaking like it used. Even now, a year old 9900k is better/worse in some situations so swapping to a new cpu/mb may not be beneficial.
  11. I'm trying to find an ideal switch with multiple QSFP ports for use at home. Is there anything that's around 100W or less and provides 8+ ports. Noise isn't a huge issue since it will be in a rack with other servers.
  12. Thanks for adding nothing. Go show how awesome you are to world champ.
  13. I really like the WD Blue SSD's for their price and performance along with the 5 year warranty. It's one of the truly under appreciated drives out there.
  14. Doesn't look like the 650 trade-in deal is good on the S10 phones, just the Note.
  15. We have 5G at our office and the stadium here has coverage which would be nice during events. I've seen plenty of times where 4G is a crawl during a game. The car only does Car Play, not Android Auto. May not be a big deal since I will have a Tesla Y whenever it's released and those don't support screen mirroring anyways.