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  1. Its supported cpu for this mb, but not for bios version i have on it.
  2. I have z420 motheboard and I bought e5 2640, but I've seen that z420 support this cpu from 2013 bios. Problem is because that I never boot in bios before with i7 3930k and I dont know if its and old bios that wouldnt accept e5 2640. So I need to boot in bios with e5 2640 and update to newest bios, if its possible to boot in bios with not bios supported cpu.
  3. I will do that again, but tommorow. Expect for more than 12 hours. Im sure that nothing elese than pcb itself makes not touchin correctly gpu die. Many time screwed and reaplied paste which I use always, also all thermal pads applied to the same place where they were, but again after that all there can be some fauilure, so I will check it again and send photos. Thank you for help, it could be helpful to many others.
  4. I can make photos or video, but its hard to see, as you can know that only 0.25mm space betwen gpu die can cause worser temps. I can see, if you look in two points imaginary line on pcb in distance of 12cm, you can see that middle point of this imaginary line on pcb slipping away for a little bit about <0.25mm or maybe <0.5mm. So its like 2 degrees from circle.
  5. Yes than I've changed to spec and temps are 4 higher than before touching anything, but better than 1mm when it was 99C
  6. I would take 100% srgb monitor as my other 27 inch monitor, but for less than 200$. I've found this as big deal for me only if it can't expand or become worse. Is that any good ? Also it don't have accessory cables, power cable and stand, but I have compatible stand, so its not problem.
  7. Thank you !!!!! It's bent, it not going to return to shape. I've changed to right thermal pads, but its again bent and temps are 4C higher than before. So could that be fixed ?
  8. Can gpu sag because applied thicker not soft thermal pads than before on ram. Its looking a little bent now with right ram pads and I think it not touching cpu correctly, it have a little bit space between I think, its notfully pressed. So, now its 4C° hotter than before. Also I reapplied paste to many times to check if I've applied it right. I always use same paste and paste isnt problem, also I putted right pads as before. So, my question is: Can bad not soft thicker pads bent gpu pcb if it strong screwed. If its bent and not touching heatsink correctly and cpu i
  9. Im using artic paste for years and months before done it I've used same paste. Ofcourse I think that these 1mm pads I've used on mem bented pcb for a little, so now when I replaced then with 0.5mm only mem, temps of cpu are 4C° higher. If somerhing I know to do with gpu is to correct put paste and screw all how it's need.
  10. I told that paste is okay. So you are sure that pads on ram can be replaced with paste. If you didn't understand, I always put paste on cpu, but changed pads on rams
  11. If that bented and not touchin cpu correctly, how I can fix it ?
  12. Thank you, I changed to new ones 0.5mm and what I see is that these 0.5mm pads also make bend and it not touching with cpu, but temps are better. I really dont know what gone wrong, it gtx 970 never passed over 62 and its in furmark on 99,99 tdp, while in games never over 58. Now tempa are 4C° higher and higher. Please help me, I've changed to many times thermal paste on this gpu and temps were only better than before, but now after changed pads It worser. Evrthing on gpu works as before only temps are unormal.
  13. How do I know thickness of pads for gigabyte gtx 970 g1 gaming ? I think that they are 0.5 from my remebering. I puted new pads 1mm. Can that be problem. New paste isnt problem I have done this to many times.