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    Norway (or is it? nOrD vPn iS oUr sPonSor fOr tHis vIdEo)
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    PCMR, Programming, Game Grumps.
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    Hi! Im William. I live in Norway. and sit on my pc 24hours a day. and when im not doing that. Im probably working.
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    IT Adminstrator


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    Core i5 7400
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    msi h110m pro-vh
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    16GB DDR4
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    Inno3D 1060 6GB
  • Case
    Xiagmatek Frontier 1
  • Storage
    Samsung 970 EVO, 500GB Segate Blue
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    750w Evga Gold+ Certified
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    Samsung Curved LC27FG73FQUXEN
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    Xigamtek included fans.
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    Razer ornata chroma
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    HyperX Pulsefire surge
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    Logitech G560 Gaming Speakers
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    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. My PC Wount detect usb drives, but will detect any other usbs. its a desktop, and ive reinstalled the chipset drivers, it works and recognizes camera usb, mouse, and keyboard, and alot more. but My USB Disks, tested working. dont work. No reaction at all, i tried back and front panel usb 2.0 3.0.... Any ideas?
  2. i would recommend this one.
  3. WillLTT

    Ethernet Driver

    the first is one Windows 10 specific only with installation files for windows 10 only. Secound one has files most OS's (OS independent) if your on windows 10 then choose the windows 10 one.
  4. i agree with @Faisal A do that but if that does not work: too me it looks like graphics issue, it could be a dying display.
  5. its a little confusing beacause sometimes it works and sometimes not but i think it works!
  6. still infinite redirect, check the source if you can make it work thanks for helping me also no i never sends me to chr/index.html because its not december yet. its redirects me to index.html over and over again, but chr/index.html does not send me to index as its supposed todo beacause its not christmas w1ll1am04.github.io-master.rar
  7. if (new Date().getMonth() == 11) { location.replace("chr/index.html"); } else { location.replace("index.html"); } it just sends me back and forwards between sites the specified sites. Eventually it stops and the original site. im confused. i wanted it to send you to chr/index.html if december and if not goto index.html your code seems todo, but it wount stop redirecting.. until it stops and ends on original site
  8. if (month=december): location.replace(site1.html); else location.replace(site2.html); how do i do something simmilar too that code, of course that code is dummy code and dont work. so If month december then goto html1 if not html2 Got it? im really noob at js, however ill try my best to understand. Any help will be apprichiated.
  9. thats not normal, desktop or laptop? If desktop, is your graphics card inserted properly? if not try another usb disk to install from? trubleshooting: sounds like a graphics problem. can you enter the bios? is it working during the install? Was it working before you (re)installed windows?
  10. github dev i only host for random github c#, vb projects. thanks for your time :DDDD
  11. So on another PC that is currently unavailable to me that has a *.pfx with my name on it. However it can auto from "Select from store..." But my current pc does not do this... I have a pfx from there. however ive tried every password i remember. i CANNOT for the live of me understand what the password is. Can i make a new one (with my desktop name)? ive managed to make certificates on my system here, but i keep getting random numbers as issuer and issued to..