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    Norway (or is it? nOrD vPn iS oUr sPonSor fOr tHis vIdEo)
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    PCMR, Programming, Game Grumps.
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    Hi! Im William. I live in Norway. and sit on my pc 24hours a day. and when im not doing that. Im probably working.
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    IT Adminstrator


  • CPU
    Core i5 7400
  • Motherboard
    msi h110m pro-vh
  • RAM
    16GB DDR4
  • GPU
    Inno3D 1060 6GB
  • Case
    Xiagmatek Frontier 1
  • Storage
    Samsung 970 EVO, 500GB Segate Blue
  • PSU
    750w Evga Gold+ Certified
  • Display(s)
    Samsung Curved LC27FG73FQUXEN
  • Cooling
    Xigamtek included fans.
  • Keyboard
    Razer ornata chroma
  • Mouse
    HyperX Pulsefire surge
  • Sound
    Logitech G560 Gaming Speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. i logged in with my personal account got licesensed thru my old laptops license. My Account is not connected to a corporate system. Im not sure how i check if its coporate but logging into account,microsoft,com seems like a normal account
  2. im fairly certaint that im not in the BETA Programme for w10. The only documentation i can find for directacess logs only applies to Windows Server.. I have four questions, 1: whatever happend to my wifi bar, Why does it say "DirectAcess logs from %1!s!\\%2!s! - %3!s" at connected wifi? 2: Why does not connected wifi's say "IPv4 subnet prefix length:" 3: What is "No internet acess" "Added by company policy" this is my private pc, with W10 Home, it has no company policy other the normal windows policies, also windows is fresh from the media creation tool. Winver says im using "1909 (OS-build 18363.418)" 4: what is this crap and how do i remove / fix it
  3. THIS COULD DAMAGE YOUR BOARD. im not sure, but i think you would remove the battery?...
  4. msi gl62 6qd has very basic bios aswell. They are just like that, the manifacturer didnt think it was important to add UEFI bios, or extended options.
  5. IBM Model M, may be too clicky so you could look into those Dell office keyboads, ive had great experience with them are practically silent.
  6. so i agree with the others, 16gb is good enought. i see if you going to use Doing VS2019 with winforms, you can get up to 6gb+ Also yeah using a 10 tabs in chrome + vs2019 could reach be 9GB as i seen multiple times on my system when solution is running.
  7. you never mentioned what X470-i you have, im not sure if there is multiple but heres one: it uses a different type if cmos battery
  8. what do you mean does it sometimes not start when you click the power button? You said as qouted above "it only starts after the second or even the third time." but later you said you just have to press it once?
  9. did you install proper drivers for you graphics card? is it properly inserted? can you test the graphics card in another Desktop if it has the same issue? Did you do any changes when this began?
  10. My PC Wount detect usb drives, but will detect any other usbs. its a desktop, and ive reinstalled the chipset drivers, it works and recognizes camera usb, mouse, and keyboard, and alot more. but My USB Disks, tested working. dont work. No reaction at all, i tried back and front panel usb 2.0 3.0.... Any ideas?
  11. WillLTT

    Ethernet Driver

    the first is one Windows 10 specific only with installation files for windows 10 only. Secound one has files most OS's (OS independent) if your on windows 10 then choose the windows 10 one.