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  1. the only people who need to know that information are Linus, his wife, his accountant and the tax inspector.
  2. I still for the life of me can't figure out what he intended to use the allen key on? the table?
  3. postage fee and a restocking fee are 2 separate costs, and the restocking fee is illegal under EU law.
  4. under EU law you don't need to give any reason for a product return within 14 days. https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/guarantees-returns/index_en.htm
  5. If a company sells an item to a customer in Europe, then they must abide by EU consumer rights and import law when shipping to that country in the EU, otherwise they should have declined the sale to begin with. It's really not complicated. Just like some websites now refuse traffic from EU countries as a result of recent GDPR laws implemented by the EU.
  6. He's trying to screw you over. a 1050ti is still a step below a 1060 3gb, and a whole staircase under a 1060 6gb.
  7. funnily enough Kidnap and Ransom wasn't a subject on career day when I was at school, that was a while ago though.
  8. no offense, but the line about setting up a kidnap and ransom business should have been a pretty big clue to it not being entirely serious. Cheers.
  9. the sound of the joke flying right over your head.
  10. not forgetting all the added DLC you get on virtually every game now on top of the initial purchase cost so companies get far more in return for half finished games on release.
  11. my original comment was specifically about people who only measure FPS regardless of other factors, hence why that single post had no quotes to it, every other post I have made since has abeen a direct answer to someone else.
  12. US and Australian intelligence services work very closely together already, just like US and UK agencies.